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Horusian Djinn

Horusian Djinn

SKU: 772105


Can't decide whether you want an item that holds Egyptian magic or an item that holds a djinn?  Why settle when you can have both?  This piece holds an entity called a Horusian Djinn.  LIttle talked simply because of how rare they are, Horusian Djinn were the entities that once catere to the God in the Temples of Horus that could be found in ancient cities such as Alexandria and Heliopolis.  They held a special connection to Horus that ony they shre wih him.  

Fast forward all these ears and we have this piece.  This piece is holds the presence of one of the Horusian Djinn.  When you wear this piece the djinn open up your third eye with an awakening that we call the Horusian Eye Awakening.  This will allow you to shar the mind of the ancient deity.  It will give you his vast network and knowledge and magic.  
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