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Hynotic Magic From the Secret Book of Thoth

Hynotic Magic From the Secret Book of Thoth

SKU: 782105


These earrings hold an ancient power that can be found in the secret Book of Thoth.  This is a hypnotic energy that will work in two different ways.  The first is that it will work in the traditional sense.  When you are using the powers of this piece you will become hypnotic and irresistible.  You can use these characteristics to get your way, get out of trouble, win somebody over, close a business deal, or seduce somebody into your bedroom.  

The second way this will work is that you will wear the earrings in a quiet spot and allow Thoth to hypnotize your mind.  You will be elevated in your presence ad you will be allowed to speak to him and ask him for his magical presence and his abilities.  while you are in this hypnotic trance he will feed them to your brain through your third eye.  
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