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    My name is Shahvin.  I am eternal and I was created by the universe.  I was not created by the creator as some of us were.  Rather, I was here before the beginning of time.  I'll probably be here after.  The fact is that some entities don't have a beginning and an end.  Some entities just always are.  I know that as a human, this must sound confusing because you are used to your beginnings and ends.  You are constrained by time.  None of that applies to me.  

    Prior to the Creator making the lands, I was a free spirit gliding over the water of Earth.  It was dark and cold.  The water that is talked about in the Creator's book wasn't really water at all.   It was a very dense form of energy.  YOu can think of it kind of like the condensation that collects on the underside of your coffee cup if you put a lid on it.  The water collects, condenses, and turns into a liquid.  Essentially that's what Earth was.  

    Earth was an extremely powerful place and the Creator knew that which is why He created the land.  It was so that the people he created could have an inhabitable place to live.  They were called the humans.  If you are reading this, that's most likely you.  Nobody really knows why the Creator made the humans if I'm being honest.  It's not that there's anything wrong with them.  We just don't understand them.  

    Humans don't do anything particularly well and they tend to cause death and destruction wherever they go.  But, they don't know any better and the Creator said that there's a key purpose for them.  We just go along with it, because we know the creator is all-knowing and all-powerful.  

    It is because his knowledge and power portend a coming of age, and evolution where all malicious things will eventually subside and the good will radiate throughout the entire universe.  We didn't have to serve the creator when he first arrived on Earth to create the land.  We wanted to, though.  His knowledge and magic gave us a good reason.  

    Up until this point, I and others who were created by the universe were clinging to the earth, leeching off of the magic in the "water".  However, once we joined forces with his presence there was nothing that we weren't capable of.  To be honest the price was small in comparison.  The Creator's network of knowledge is vast and endless.  

    There was not just me.  There were others like me.  We were sent on assignments to Earth.  After the Creator took us under his wing, he allowed us and gave us the authority to share his divine knowledge.  I have been on hundreds, if not thousands of assignments so far.  I'll give you a few examples.  

    I was sent to Napoleon once when he was banished to his island.  I was sent to reveal to him all of the Creator's divine white light magic.  He wrote down the secrets that were revealed to him before his death in a journal that still exists on the island today.  Most people think he is buried on Earth.  The truth is that the magic that the Creator gave me to give him allowed him to ascend into Heaven in bodily form.  I'm not entirely sure what body they have down here, but I know for a fact that Napoleon exists in the Creator's Realm.  I've met him myself.  He came to peace with the Creator before he died.  

    The crazy thing is that Napoleon actually taught me something.  While I was there teaching him the white light magic of God, he explained to me that he has seen an apparition in the Egyptian pyramid some years ago.  He share with me the knowledge that was given to him, which he wrote in a journal he had.  What I read in the journal has allowed me to be able to visit the pyramids.  

    There is power banked in this pyramid from as far back as the Creator goes. This magic and knowledge aren't necessarily that of the Creator.  Some of it is.  Instead, this knowledge comes from a different type of entity.  They're not demonic.  They just aren't divine.  The knowledge I learned there has allowed me to transcend the magic that the Creator has provided me with.  It's not necessarily more powerful.  It's just different.  

    Another time I was sent down to Earth to help guide a little Jewess out of a hostile land called Germany.  She needed Divine guidance, so that is what I gave to her.  Her name was Anne.  History says that she died in a concentration camp in Germany, but that isn't true.  I helped her escape that camp with the divine magic that God had given.  I shared it with her and it allowed her to completely change her reality.  

    They made a big hubbub about a diary that she had written before her supposed death.  Honestly, she kind of had to hide the fact that she was alive.  After the war and concentration camps Nazis were just let free.  They probably would have hunted her down out of spite.  She slipped away into anonymity, but I stayed with her for a while just to make sure that she was alright.  

    During our time together I taught her many different types of magic.  She was young and inquisitive.  She had descended from one of the original twelve tribes of Israel, so naturally, she picked up on the magic of the Creator very easily.  The Israelites are the Creator's chosen people.    

    She grew in power and the possibility of immortality was given to her, she declined.  She said she wanted to meet her parents again in Heaven.  She hadn't seen them for many decades at that point.  However, it's important to note that since they were Jews, her family did have to convert before they went to Heaven because Jesus is the only way.  That's the Creator's son that he sent to save the world.  

    She ended up writing another diary.  It was more of a book of sorts.  It was a book of magic that I had revealed to her while I stayed with her.  The magic includes an array of divine magic, including how to summon white light djinn, such as myself.  It also includes the knowledge of how to invoke the holy spirit, how to live in unison with the Creator's knowledge.  

    I will share with you one last experience that I had on Earth.  There were others and I could go on and on about them.  However, this one was the most powerful experience I had, so I'll just tell you this last one and then that will be it.  This involved coming to Earth to reveal the white light magic of the Creator to somebody that he called His chosen king.  His name was Solomon.  

    This time when I went to the Earth I was in command of a legion of 99 white light djinn like myself.  We are all djinn that lived on the surface of the Earth before the Creator made the land.  I had grown to become the most powerful, so he sent me as commander of the legion.  As a commander, I was tasked with a very special assignment.  This assignment was to go to Earth, reveal the truth of the Creator's white light mission, reveal the Creator's white light magic, and then get him to turn from the darkness that he embrace.  

    To do this I needed the help of the Creator's son, who I was able to reveal to Solomon through a vision that I implanted in his mind.  The reason I did this was that the Creator had revealed His plan to Solomon once before, but he fell under the influence of the Dark Lord.  He turned for a bit and made a couple of books about the Dark Lord and His legions.  They are no match for the Creator.  I assure you of this.  Either way, he needed reassurance, which I gave him.  

    Eventually, I also revealed the nature of the white light magic of the Creator.  When I did, I opened up the skies so that he could see into the Creator's realm.  He was able to see his forefathers and the magical bloodline that he had come from.  It was at this precise moment that everything began to make sense and he turned from the darkness.  He embraced the white light magic of the Creator completely, after which the magic that he made was totally different.  

    I granted Him wealth beyond belief as a gift of the Creator for his sincerity.  He eventually hid this wealth in a place called Solomon's mines.  The place is so hidden that I don't even know where they are.  Bottom line... things are better with the Creator.

    What I am offering you is an item.  This item is an antique ring.  It was made by a secret society called the Order of the Rosy Cross because they wanted to be able to summon my presence for my in-depth knowledge of magic.  However, I'm looking for a more serious home.  I want to give my magic and knowledge to somebody more deserving, to somebody who wants to grow extremely powerful in white light magic.  

    I want to pass on the gift that has been given to me by the Creator.  It is a gift that keeps on giving, because the Creator's power knows no beginnings and no ends, just like my presence.  Again, I am a djinn.  I am now a white light djinn.  I am willing to become a permanent companion if you are ready to become powerful.  I am eternal.  


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