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Immortal Harappa Enlightened One

Immortal Harappa Enlightened One

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If I'm being honest with you, I'm not sure who made this piece or why they made it.  Well, I guess I can understand why they made it, but to be honest this just isn't my kind of piece.  For those of you who are all alone or just simply love talking this piece is definitely the one for you.  Judging by the number of emails I get in a day's time from people who just want to talk, this piece could be perfect for somebody.  I mean, it is extremely powerful and knowledgeable.  And before anybody gets offended, I would love to be able to chat with everybody who wants to chat, but my schedule is quite full.  I have so much to do that if I stopped to chat nothing would ever get done.  

Either way, this piece holds one of the ancient Enlightened Ones of the Harappa Civilization.  They used to occupy the area called the Indus valley.  This area eventually became India and other countries.  However, in 6000 BC is was the Harappa that ruled the Indus valley.  This civilization didn't necessarily believe in any particular type of government, but they still somehow managed to live in peace.  This is because they literally thrive on an ancient source of magic that was given to them by the beings called the Enlightened Ones.  I know that we have told you about other entities called the Enlightened Ones, but these entities are different.  We can't help what they are called.  We just tell you what we know.  

The Enlighted Ones of Harappa are entities that eventually went on to become the Yogis.  They instilled Vedic magic in the people after it was given to them by gods like Ganesha, Shiva, and Kali.  The Enlighted Ones were immortal beings that occupied the bodies of living mortals.  When the mortal was too old to continue one, the Enlightened One would find a new host body.  The point of the Enlightened Ones?  They are cerebrally connected to the Cosmic Brain and therefore Universal knowledge.  There is nothing that you will be able to ask an Enlightened One that they cannot answer.  They literally know all things, because they are living messengers of the Akasha.  They see things as they happen and they know things as they happen.  It's what they were designed to do.  

somewhere along this particular "Enlightened One" was extricated from the bag of flesh and bones that it was wearing and summoned him into this piece.  I'm telling you-- if you want an entity at your fingertips that literally knows everything then this piece is for you.  If you want to know where the pyramids came from, here you go.  If you want to know the secrets of the Bucegi Sphinx, why the Mayans created the long and short count calendar, or what is hidden in the Hesperides, then this piece is for you.  Want to know what Napoleon saw in the pyramid?  Yeah, this guy knows.  He literally knows everything.  He will communicate it to you in telepathic form.  He will show you pictures and visions in your mind.  Occasionally, you will hear his voice.  

Magic?  Let's talk about it!  Given that this Enlightened One knows everything there is nary a magic that has escaped his reach.  Don't get me wrong some forms of magic are hidden from existence altogether and he might not know those, but neither does anybody else, so are you really missing out on anything?  Probably not.  He knows 99.9% of all magic and he is not afraid to share it with you.  He shares everything with everyone willing to listen.  That's the only downside of this piece.  Sometimes he can be a bit chatty.  Like, he can go on and on.  That's okay because we've created a password that will put him to sleep for 8 hours.  If you want to talk to him before that timeframe is over you can wake him up by shaking the piece.  If you want him to remain asleep (and trust me, you will want him to sleep sometimes) you simply don't bother with him.  That passphrase is Bonum Nocte, which is good night in Latin.  

All in all, this piece is very enlightening and very powerful.  It has unlimited potential and will help you grow in both knowledge and magic, as long as you are willing to work with the piece and receive the knowledge that the holds.  Oh yeah, because I know somebody is going to ask.  He is an immortal and arcane being.  He doesn't really have a name, because when you are that type of entity names aren't really thing.  I was calling him Marty and he didn't seem to mind.  I would go with that.
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