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Inca Lunar Extreme Wealth

Inca Lunar Extreme Wealth

SKU: 3921031

We now take several forms of payment.  You can pay with your credit card through PayPal.  You can also send money via PayPal to or ask for an invoice to be sent.  We also take CashApp and Venmo.  When using these forms of payment you will ask for an invoice and one will be sent.  We also take Zelle, which is through your bank and your bank sets the limits.  when paying through Zelle you will pay using the email  We also take cash in an envelope, but you sent it at your own risk.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen cash that is sent to us that we do not receive.  


This is a gorgeous piece, made with sterling, real stone, pearl, and blue topaz. 

we've been working on this piece for months now and we actually plan on making more pieces like this one.  This piece was made using an artifact that was taken from what used to be a Moon Temple in the ancient Inca civilization.  As its name suggests, this ancient moon temple exists solely for the ability to harness the powers of the moon.  There are many different types of artifacts that have been made from the energies of the moon temple.  This is possible because the temple captures lunar energy and stores it in the stones within its walls.  

The artifact that we received was specifically conditioned to bring wealth.  the instructions for our relic to make these pieces was to leave the item inside of the dish for three full lunar cycles.  After the third lunar cycle, take the piece out and it will have the ability to grant wealth to whoever is wearing it.  This wealth is not particular and grants you unlimited wealth energies in all forms.  The name of the game is extreme wealth by any means.  

We have had this piece tested by several people.  One person used this piece during a lawsuit that he had filed and won over $100,000.  The same person used this piece at the casino and tripled his earnings to $300,000.  We gave this to a friend of ours whose father had passed away.  It was suddenly and she had no money to pay for a burial.  we gave her this piece to use for a few days.  Not only did she make enough in donations to bury her father, but she had enough left to purchase him a very nice headstone and plant a tree in a memorandum to him in a local park by where she lives.  

This piece is very powerful and very energetic.  If you want wealth, then this is the one you want!
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