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Inhale the Knowledge of the Tree

Inhale the Knowledge of the Tree

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The first set of commandments was not written carved by Moses.  It was written by the finger of God.  The first commandments were a set of commandments that were to be given to the people in order to allow them to know God.  This knowledge would have been an illumination that would have likened the Israelites unto angels and divine beings.  However, they fell short of receiving the glory when Moses came back down from Sinai and found them worshipping a golden calf and mocking God.  

A lot of people who read the Bible think that the whole goal of God leading the Hebrews out of Egypt was done in order to deliver them to the Promised Land.  This is not the case at all.  The whole reason why God led them out in the first place was to lead them to Him.  You see, God has a wealth of knowledge and magic that he desired to share with his chosen people.  The fact is that they weren't ready to receive it.  They were too stuck in their old ways and weren't read for the transcendence and change that God wanted to give to them.  

Exodus 19:4 specifically states this intention.  It says, “You yourselves have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself.”  There is no mention of a promised land at that point.  There is only mentioned knowing God.  To know God is to share his wisdom.  To know God's wisdom is to be able to create whatever you want-- whatever magic, whatever destiny, whatever type of creature or being, whatever type of reality, etc.  This is the promised land he spoke of-- not a physical place, but a metaphysical union with God that allowed them to live whatever they wanted to live.  

The thing is that the people weren't ready for it.  So, he gave Moses specific instructions to the Hebrews to spiritually ready themselves and sanctify themselves to receive his presence.  He told Moses not to bring them to the mountain for three days because if he had the presence of God would have surely killed their unready bodies.  

So, the people of Israel performed the rituals of God that were given to Moses in order to cleanse and sanctify their souls.  They journeyed to Mount Sinai and when the trumpet rang to symbolize God's presence, they stood at the base of the mountain.  They were too afraid to receive the gift that God was ready to give to them.  Instead, God called to Moses and told him to climb the mountain himself in order to receive the gift.  

The gift that God gave to Moses was later placed in energetic form and stored within the Ark of the Covenant.  It wasn't until later that a group of Kabbalist mystics was able to use magic that had been given to them in order to travel astrally to the Ark of the Covenant.  It is the only way they could.  Had they traveled to it in physical form they would have died, the same way the Hebrews would have died if they climbed Mount Sinai.  It's because God's magic is too holy and pure.  

They set this magic into this piece.  This piece is an antique, created by a secret order of Kabbalists as noted above.  This piece will hold your cigarette or whatever it is you want to smoke.  As you do, your mind will achieve cleansing and illumination.  This illumination will allow you to "climb the mountain" and receive the wisdom of God.  

You will notice that in this piece there are the mountains in the background that represent Mount Sinai, the place where God descended to Earth to speak with Moses.  Then in the forefront, there is a tree.  It is the tree of knowledge.  By becoming one with God you will be able to access the Tree of Knowledge.  The Tree of Knowledge is a metaphor for a network of God's knowledge.  His knowledge is endless.  

As you use this piece you will first use it to become one with God.  You will subsequently use it to breathe in the knowledge that you wish to receive.  This piece will feed you any type of spiritual knowledge, esoteric knowledge, divine knowledge, physical knowledge, metaphysical knowledge, or otherwise, that you desire.  God is knowledge and that is the whole point behind this piece.  

During the testing of this piece, the testers said that they experience miraculous things.  One of them was able to acquire great spiritual healing ability.  One was able to acquire the power of the holy fire of God, as it appeared to Moses in the form of a burning bush.  One tester used this piece to meet John the Baptism in the spiritual plains of Heaven and receive a metaphysical baptism of light.  Another was able to use this piece to take the hand of God and walk with him in the City of Gold that he is preparing for his chosen people.  Oh, and don't forget the miracles this piece has performed for people-- including wealth miracles!  This is just an all-around amazing piece that you do not want to miss out on.
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