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Isola Della Gaiola

Isola Della Gaiola

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The colors you see are all natural and this is one pendant showing you its different aspects and how it glows. It’s a very rare stone/ opal but not your usual one. It’s extremely expensive! It’s set in sterling and the only one I have.

Isola Della Gaiola is a small rocky islet located in the Bay of Naples, Italy. has gained a reputation for allegedly being haunted, with numerous reported paranormal occurrences over the years. Here's an overview of the hauntings associated with Isola Della Gaiola:

1. Mysterious Deaths: One of the eerie aspects of Isola Della Gaiola is the tragic fate that seems to befall many of its owners. Several past owners have experienced misfortune, including financial ruin, mental illness, and even untimely deaths. These unusual circumstances have contributed to the belief that the islet is cursed.

2. Ghostly Figures: Visitors have reported witnessing apparitions or ghostly figures on and around the island. Some accounts describe seeing shadowy figures walking along the shoreline or disappearing among the ruins. These sightings fuel the belief that the islet is haunted by restless spirits.

3. Strange Sounds and Sensations: Visitors have reported hearing unexplained sounds, such as ghostly whispers, footsteps, and disembodied voices, while others claimed to feel an unsettling presence or experience strange sensations when visiting the islet. These phenomena add to the overall paranormal reputation of Isola Della Gaiola.

4. The Haunted Villa: The islet is home to a dilapidated villa known as Villa Fregi, which is often associated with the haunting. Reports suggest paranormal activity within the villa, including doors mysteriously opening and closing, unexplained drafts, and cold spots. The foreboding ambiance of the decaying building enhances the eerie reputation of the island.

5. Legends and Curses: Several legends and local folklore surround Isola Della Gaiola, adding to its haunted reputation. Some stories speak of ancient curses or tethered specters haunting the islet. These legends persist and contribute to the enduring fascination with the supernatural at Isola Della Gaiola.

Now here comes the meat! Who was the first owner? In the 1800’s a hermit lived there named II Mago, Mago was a wizard who made the entire island his home until he disappeared. Investigating the island now can be dangerous just due to stuff crumbling and falling down. You better go with someone else. Good shoes are required!!! Trust me! We found what looked like the thinnest rock shaving ever stuck in between the old home. This said lo sono diventato immortale. Which means I have become immortal. Carved into another wall not stone but a wall was this Toccami per ricevere il dono di muoverti attraverso il tempo. This means touch me to be given the gift of moving through time. Many people came after he owned. The Getty’s were just one famous name among many. To get to the island you can take a boat or swim. We used a waterproof bag to carry dry clothes and sturdy shoes. When you touch the wall you are given something only if you are liked, my guess? Our item was tested many, many years ago by Victor who used it to move through time with the spirit he married. It is now available. Victor is immortal and lives a most happy life. He is able to travel with out worrying about ID or what’s to come. He can also agree what’s going on in one dimension while being in another. He has not aged at all! There is only one of these and it’s extremely rare. It’s in sterling silver about large to medium sized. The colors you see are all natural and it’s one pendant. allnat

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