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It Moves Like the Stars and the Moon

It Moves Like the Stars and the Moon

SKU: 3242149


We now take several forms of payment.  You can pay with your credit card through PayPal.  You can also send money via PayPal to or ask for an invoice to be sent.  We also take CashApp and Venmo.  When using these forms of payment you will ask for an invoice and one will be sent.  We also take Zelle, which is through your bank and your bank sets the limits.  when paying through Zelle you will pay using the email  We also take cash in an envelope, but you sent it at your own risk.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen cash that is sent to us that we do not receive.  


This piece is gold-filled with a moonstone.  It holds the energies and the essence of the full moon.  There are many spells that need full moon energy in order to work.  There are also pieces that will only work during a full moon.  When wearing this piece in conjunction with those pieces or in conjunction with doing those spells, you will be able to do these types of magic without needing an actual full moon.  

Also, this piece holds the powers of the zodiac.  This will allow you to practice magic that requires energies from specific astrological signs.  It will act a key that will open up the door to the energies of the astrological signs when you need them!
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