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Jack Kennedy:. Wealth Speaker

Jack Kennedy:. Wealth Speaker

SKU: 972105



We have another piece that is designed specifically for wealth. It has come from the confine of the Bohemian Grove where blood rituals are done and magic is created. This time the magic was created with something called a dead president's ritual.

Since the United States was founded on Freemason magic. It is a commonly known fact, within higher circles, that when a president dies his spirit is to be used for magical purposes. The Dead President's ritual is a ritual that was shown to the Bohemians by Moloch himself as a means to transform a dead president's spirit into a magical power that they could use.

After poor Jack Kennedy was murdered in Texas his soul was thereafter summoned by the attendees of the Bohemian Grove to create a wealth piece. We are not sure what year this coin is but we know that several of these pieces were made throughout the year by the attendees of the Bohemian Grove. This piece is one of the pieces that was made.

Since we can't all sell our crappy artwork to Chinese people for hundreds of thousands of dollars, might I suggest this piece. This piece has specifically been made to bring an exorbitant amount of wealth to those who use it. In fact, it holds an entity that's called a wealth speaker. It is a metaphysical entity that was created with Jack Kennedy's soul that has the ability to speak wealth into existence. When wearing this piece she will first allow yourself 14 to 21 days to bond with the wealth speaker. After that you will simply tell the wealth speaker what kind of wealth it is you are looking for and he will speak it into existence. It really is that simple. You see, the the people at the top have become a lazy breed and don't really like putting much effort into their magic. Ergo, that's the way they made it... nice and simple!

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