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Jerusalems found miracle pool

Jerusalems found miracle pool

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YES, we do layaway. You must put 10 to 20 percent down.


An ancient Biblical pool notorious for miracles was found in Jerusalem last year. It’s now open to the public. This pool cured, healed and gave gifts to those who sought it out and were not evil. If this is you, we have one dipped in the pool for hours. We tested this on these things listed below!

Stomach issues

Muscle issues



Abduction issues

Non stop sound waves


dark clouded people, bad energy, negativity.

Education, holding onto information

Spiritual experiences ( deep stuff)

Communication with good & divine spirits.

This is all we could test it for because we have to have people with other issues. All that we tested it on was 100 percent spot on working! Tomer will get more at some point.

This isn’t a real pool but was made when Jesus was there. It’s very old obviously and discovered last year.

This is sterling silver with real stones in a size 11 with real Blue Topaz and I forget what the black stone is but it’s real. The black bounces off all evil and the blue represents the pool.

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