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Jesus and the Ladder

Jesus and the Ladder

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Jesus and the Ladder

A ladder was often considered bad luck if you walked under it. This came about because a ladder was what took Jesus off the cross. The people of that time and in that moment didn’t quite get what Jesus did. In reality the ladder that took him off that cross was great! The ladder took Jesus to the cave in which he was resurrected from. The resurrection gave Jesus immortality in both physical and spiritual form. Humans gained it in spiritual form with a promise of everlasting life. The piece you are looking at is sterling silver with Sapphire looking stones and aqua looking stones. This piece is supernatural and a resurrection blood spell was used to cast this along with the help of a warrior angel.

The ladder, cross you see here was a reverse ladder cast. This means you get the communication of Jesus along with his material age. The age is 33.

This cross does Reversal of age to 33. Full psychic connection with warrior angels or the ability to pick one warrior angel you prefer. Just tell us who you want. You get a direct access to healing touch. This is the same healing Jesus used. You will also have the ability to drive out demons. You will also have access to the warrior angel of your choice. If you continue to constantly access your angel supernatural abilities of the Angel you pick will bind to you. The first thing we noticed that bound was psychic ability and mental telepathy. To use this piece you just need to wear it.

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