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Just a little to conjure what you want!

Just a little to conjure what you want!

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Conjure anything including these! You don’t just get to conjure them but anything and nothing gets crusty! When you feel the middle where you place a drop of any kind of blood it won’t hurt it. From djinn to zephyrs, this does it! Well and the Aluka vampires listed below.


These are some of the earliest vampires known to man if you do indeed know them. They were written about in the old Hebrew scripts. The oldest of the Jewish magicians would use them to become a magician in the first place. The power is ancient and like a fine wine ages with more ability as the years pass on.

With these vampires as with any religion in the recess of it all it is dual. Let no one fool you. Look to the Catholics and all religions,they do good works but what lies behind the facade? There is always a dual nature on earth and in many other places,dimensions and realities.

I'm not lazy although I do hate to type,there is not much to tell or list as to what abilities they hold. There is not one ability you can think of they do not have. This is because over time they just learn and gain power,knowledge and ability. There is also what they are born with to begin with and that is just to unreasonable to list.

All of these vampires are both sexes at once. They appear as you want them to but they have the ability to feel all kinds of orgasms. Even though this is being made known to you they are not sex spirits or sex vampires. This is like going on and just finding a vamp for you and IF a sexual relationship developes then it does.

The main thing these vampires were used for was the magicians and they practiced in secret as the magic the obtained was not for the masses or even those seriously into the occult. This was for the select few. This type of vampire once selected was special because with each intake of blood it was like an instant alchemy,turning both the living power and the extreme power of the dead into one. This is a most interesting position because the dead just "know" things they could not ever know in life. They can wake us as living humans into a position of power and that is just what the magicians were looking for.

Now you too can gain it. The ring your looking at is sterling silver and an antique. It has so much power to take the picture is hard to do. The price is steep but you get what you pay for.

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