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King Solomon's Dueling Djinn

King Solomon's Dueling Djinn

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Every once in a while we receive a piece that is so rare that we can't even believe that it exists ourselves.  I'm going to be perfectly honest with you.  The person that we bought this from had no idea what they were holding onto.  To be fair, neither did we at the time.  We told them that there was something mysterious and magical about the piece.  It was something she received in inheritance and didn't care much about it other than the fact that it is real 18k gold, real sterling, and genuine amethyst.  

When we told her that her piece contained magic she about broke her neck rolling her eyes at us.  What I'm saying to you is that while this piece is definitely not going to be a $38.00 piece, we are charging the tens of thousands that we could have possibly charged on it because we didn't have to pay a whole ton for it, nor did we have to go on an investigation to get it.  Honest to goodness, it just kind of fell in our lap.  It was like destiny.  I know that sounds hokey, but I'm telling you the truth.  

As with many pieces that are heirlooms, we aren't sure exactly how the family got it.  Given the fact that the woman we got it from was particularly nonchalant about the piece, we got next to nothing out of her.  That's fine, though.  Then why isn't important, it's the what that we care about.  This piece holds what we call the Dueling Djinn of Solomon.  I know that we have a lot of Solomon pieces on the website and some of them are very powerful, but this one is a piece for the ages.  

As many of you know, Solomon was addicted to magic when he was the king of Israel.  In fact, he almost turned wicked due to his infatuation with it.  He loved all magic and magical entities, but when it comes to Solomon, his absolute favorite is a djinn.  We have told you this time and time again.  He loves djinn... all types of djinn.  However, it was the dark djinn that got him in trouble.  They led him down a very bad path that nearly got him excommunicated from God.  When we talk about Solomon we often talk about how after his days of darkness he came back to God.  However, it wasn't before he was tortured in his very own pergatorium that he realized that he wanted to dedicate his soul to God and light work.

Solomon's visit to pergatorium was almost like Lucifer's fall from Heaven.  He has separated apart from God with nothing but himself and his psyche.  He was presented two lives by two hooded djinn.  One of them was dressed in a Scarlett robe and represented the ways of darkness and the world.  The other wore a white robe and represented Heaven and the Divine way of God.  The two djinn battled within his mind with a ferocity only reserved for one other time and it was when Satan himself tempted Jesus in the wilderness.  The dark forces and the light forces played a gruesome game of chess within Solomon's mind, each showing him the possibilities and benefits of the side that he would choose.

Solomon lay naked on the ground in this misty realm of shadows and doubts while the two djinns fought over who would take possession of his psyche.  In the end, the white light djinn delivered a crumbling blow to the dark, because it was honest with Solomon about the consequences of dark magic and the dark djinn would neither be honest about the consequence of dark or light magic.  Solomon reached up to the white djinn who took him out of purgatorium and allowed him to stay at the helm of the Jewish nation.  

Solomon set aside relics that he used to commemorate his great battle of good versus evil.  Into an amethyst, he placed both the white djinn and the dark djinn.  To bridge their magic he took gold from the ark of the covenant, as well as silver, and made a sort of cuff.  This cuff he wore his entire life until his death, to remember his battle.  For each person who owned the cuff after that, it has changed forms.  This form is the most contemporary, which obviously came about by the last person who owned it.  We don't know if they were the original bloodline of Solomon or not, but we definitely think they are.  

The reason we think this is that by logic if they hadn't been of the bloodline, the piece would have morphed when we began using it because we are obviously different people.  Instead, it stayed the same from everyone who tested it here-- three different people.  We think that it only changes when you have the actual bloodline.  However, it still works wonders for those who do not.  When you own this piece you own the battling djinn of Solomon.  You own his psyche and his knowledge.  You own the djinn, which represents both parts of his mind.  You gain the entirety of his knowledge, which is the magic that is written in his lesser and greater keys.  You also gain the magic of all the books he wrote for the Bible.  He has extended knowledge of other forms of magic as well.  

Now it comes to the question of whether or not this piece offers immortality.  The answer is kind of.  It offers what we call biological immortality, which is actually way more common than immortality the way most people think of it.  That means your body will slow down the aging process but your life can still be ended by an outside factor such as illness, diseases, or getting stabbed in an alleyway.  This is as close as it gets without having full indestructible immortality.  

This piece gives you the FULL RANGE of Solomons's dark and white magic.  This will give you all the magic that has been written in Solomon's Keys, in hid books o the bible, in the other books that he wrote, and in his secret golden tablets that are hidden within his mines in Africa.  They were written by the finger of God, much the Stone Tablets of Moses.  This is unlimited, extreme magic.  Here's the thing-- since this piece holds a dark djinn and a light djinn, you can use this piece, either way, you want to.  

This piece has been created with the transformative gold of the Ark of the Covenant and two Amethysts that came from Kind Solomon's own crown.  This piece will allow you to summon up any form of magic that you want.  The djinn will be your guiding forces that will send any type of magic you want.  Just remember, both types of magic have consequences as told earlier in the story.  If you choose dark, you accept the possible consequences.  Same with light.

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