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King Solomon's King Djinn

King Solomon's King Djinn

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    Right from the beginning, I need to let you all know that this piece is not one to be played with.  This piece is powerful.  This piece is one of a kind.  It is linked to one of the rarest types of djinn that you can kind.  This is because it is a king Djinn that was originally given to King Solomon.  I don't think I can stress enough how important and how powerful King Solomon's djinn is.

    King Solomon's djinn was created by the power of something called the Hand of God.  King Solomon had the Hand of God when he was creating his djinn.  This King Djinn is no different than any of the others he made in regards to the fact that it is 100% subservient to its master.  

    Here's the thing, regular djinn are just like you and me. They have their own personalities.  They have their own free will.  They might do something for you if they want to, but they are not contractually obligated by their mere existence.  King Solomon's djinn, which was made by the Hand of God was created in such a way that they must be subservient to whoever their master currently happens to be.  

    This piece is so important and so powerful because this piece holds the Seal of Solomon and King Djinn.  A King DJinn is one that rules over all other djinn that you will find out there.  I think there is only one type of djinn that I can think of that this King Djinn does not rule over.  That's for another story.  

    In the meantime, just know that this djinn is powerful. It has helped King Solomon with things such a raising the Temple and consecrating the magic that has gone into the Temple.  It gave King Solomon the magic knowledge of sacred numerology to be able to build the Holy of Holies.  The King Djinn was able to reveal to King Solomon the numbers of the Divine Plan, thus allowing King Solomon to build a platform through which God would come to Earth to visit humanity.  

    The King Djinn was able to help King Solomon develop his secret book of white sorcery.  This was after he had written the Lesser Keys of Solomon and his other dual and/or dark sorcery works.  This book of white sorcery was allowed to King Solomon only because Solomon knew how to handle the magic properly.  This magic was fed to King Solomon by the King Djinn.  The King Djinn helped Solomon write the book of White Sorcery.  This sorcery outlines many different forms of white light magic that has also been instilled inside of the King Djinn by the Hand of God.  

    One of the best-kept secrets in the universe is a collection of divine magics called the 72 Names of God.  These are revealed through Kabbalist principles and are extremely hard to acquire by practice alone.  That's why the King Djinn was able to reveal these 72 names to King Solomon.  These are the 72 powers of the Ein Sof and also revealed the entirety of the 72 Names of God.  I cannot reveal what these 72 Names of God ar, as you must receive the revelation on a personal level, because the names are so holy.  

    This King Djinn was able to show King Solomon the magic of something called the Divine Wheel which was more like a clock that allowed King Solomon to control time.  This is how Solomon was able to receive some of the prophecies that were included in the work that he contributed to the Bible.  Not only was Solomon able to move through time freely, but he could also control time if he chose to.  

    Control over all other creatures and entities was something that Solomon had sought out even prior before being saved and turning to the divine.  It was only once he embraced white magic that he was actually able to find what he had been searching for.  The King Djinn gave him the ability to hold authority over all other creatures, entities, etc.  This allowed him to create less powerful djinn.  It allowed him to call forth angels.  It even allowed him to call forth the spirits of the dead, whether they were sent to Heaven or Hell.  

    The King Djinn obviously provided Solomon with extreme, extreme protection from dark creatures and evil creatures.  It gave him protection from jealous men who envied his power and his wealth.  King Solomon was blessed with good health and died after a lengthy reign of the United Kingdom of Israel.  The King Djinn is what gave Solomon his ability to rule successfully.  After Solomon's death Israel fell into turmoil and was crushed by her enemies.    

    Lastly, but certainly not least-- I don't remember if I mentioned it yet because I"ve been reading this file and typing this description for a while, so I'll keep this brief.  The King Djinn brought King Solomon all of his wealth.  As you all know King Solomon was the wealthiest person to live in recorded human history.  I think that would be enough for a little bit of financial independence? How about you?  

    All in all, this is one of the most powerful white light djinn items we ever had or will ever have. Now, obviously, the djinn has lived inside of different vessels and this is the latest one.  It is sterling silver with real gold on the side.  It features an authentic, real King Solomon's Seal.  This piece with this djinn is the rarest of the rare.  You will not find another like it.  

    One last bit of information that I will leave you with about this piece-- it somehow ties into the Georgia Guidestones.  we mentioned that King Solomon was a time traveler.  It seems as though he had his hands in many pots.  This piece will reveal secret information from the Guidestones.  I will not reveal what that secret information is other than to say you do not want to be without it when the time comes.  

    People-- this piece is rare.  It's the rarest of the rare.  It's one of those once-in-a-lifetime objects.  Once this piece is sold, it is sold.  There are no "duplicates" or secondary pieces.  We are charging $5,000 for the ring, which is pennies on the dollar compared to what we could sell it for.  We could be selling this ring for upwards of $50,000, but we want to make sure people have a realistic shot of being able to own this piece, $5,000 it is.

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