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Kings of Atlantis

Kings of Atlantis

SKU: 5262117

This ring is sterling silver with a gorgeous icy blue stone! 

This piece is an initiation ring for a group that goes by the name Kings of Atlantis, or the KOA.  Yes, this is an all-male group, but women can also benefit from their magic.  The KOA's members all agree that each of the initiates that have been allowed to join belong to the modern bloodlines of Atlantean Kings.  

Although their identities shall remain secret, we got to talking with the current high priest o the KOA and he assured us that the members had reason to believe that they were all members of Atlantean blood.  They are innately connected to a source of ancient power and magic.  Each one of them can see it in their mind and channel the energy from this source into their body.  Their body then turns this energy into magic using a pearl of intrinsic wisdom that each member has.

Now, if you as the members where they receive their wisdom to be able to transform these energies into magic they will tell you that they have absolutely no idea.  It's something that they were born into, over which they have no control.  They know that this bloodline can be traced back to the Atlantean Kings because each of the members has had epiphanies that have taken them back to ancient Atlantis where they were able to exist as the king that begat their bloodline.  

New members must pass a magic litmus test that will determine whether their version of magic matches the KOA's magic.  They will examine authenticity, etc  While this piece will not turn you into a member, it is an honorary initiation ring and will allow you the same privileges invoked by the KOA.  

I've tested this piece myself and can confirm that the magic spoken about is real and is very powerful.  When using this piece you will be put in contact with an ancient flow of Atlantean magic.  This includes the ability to explore ancient Atlantis within your mind.  It will allow you to awaken the powers of the ancient Atlantean pyramids and to bring you the flow of the magic they have to offer, which is free and abundant.
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