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Knowledge &  Gifts Of Atlantis

Knowledge & Gifts Of Atlantis

SKU: 1232317


This gorgeous winged covered heart became a vessel for a most magical holding! This pendant was in the center of a seance using a bowl of sea water as the focal point. The pendant was placed beside it and the seance began. Called upon were the royal elder of Atlantis. She came to willing guide and gift what she believed was lost. This will bring you great knowledge and it will be easy because saline water is what most of your body is made of. This will supercharge your mind and body. Psychic ability, the absorption of magical and all crystals, knowledge of the ancients and the ability to call upon them. Did you know there was ancient Egypt in Atlantis? I didn’t either until that seance! Did you know it is the same thing we have on land here? This is why when you go to see the pyramids you feel odd or something you can’t put your finger on.

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