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Kunoichi Magic

Kunoichi Magic

SKU: 972115


This piece is of small sterling silver pendant with floating opals.

When you think of a ninja you most likely think of a male. It's not your fault, it's just how they have been portrayed over the years. Think about it-- Mr Miyagi, the Ninja Turtles, the Three Ninjas-- they are all involved in male-centric sagas of master the art of Ninjutsu.

Kunoichi were a specially trained type of ninja warrior. For beginners, they were all female warriors. There was not a single male in the Kunoichi. This is because these bad-ass warrior chicks were trained in feminine-type magic that only women (who were born women) possess. It's like male and female yin and yang. The two energies balance eachother out.

Their magic comes from the divine feminine and is a magic of the mind. It allows them to materialize their thoughts into real life. Or, in most cases bring magical forms that they think of on the spot into existence. For instance, the Kunoichi were master spies. One power that we've noticed that some people are able to master with this piece is invisiblity to the human eye.

Many of the Kunoichi carried sacred totems with them that gave them this power. Better and more experienced Kunoichi had the power instilled within their being. They could just do it. The ones that needed more training and discipline were given their totems until they grew powerful enough to not need them any longer.

What we have is one of the sacred totems. You can use this piece whether you are male or female. I'll be 100% honest though, it works easier for a female. It's just how the magic works. It embraces the divine feminine in order to materialize its magic.

This piece is excellent for things such as controlling the mind and thoughts of others. It is excellent for developing highly advanced psychic powers and telekinetic ability. we have people able to move their with their minds when testing this piece, as well as levitate in mid-air.

Again, no guarantee on the levitating, I'm just telling you what happened during testing. We have had people completely change their bodily form-- which we did find out that all people can do this pretty easily when in astral form, but not when in flesh form.

We've had people transcend time-- specifically, I watched as somebody traveled in time in their astral form. They sat there for a good 10-15 minutes staring, seemingly into oblivion, before coming too. I was like, "dude... what just happened." She (yes, she. Dude isn't gender specific) explained how she had traveled into ancient times to receive ancient wisdom from spirit Kunoichi on how to manifest the powers of the Cosmos.

Look-- the bottom line is that there is no telling what you can do with this piece. If you can think it up, the chances are that this piece is likely able to produce results, because that's specifically what it was designed for-- the manifestation of thought into reality.

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