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Lady Dai's Immortal Serum

Lady Dai's Immortal Serum

SKU: 22521081

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The piece you are purchasing is real opal and green tourmaline in platinum over sterling silver.

Ths piece holds the energy of a very bizarre occurrence.  The occurrence is so bizarre, in fact, that not even scientists can figure it out.  Although, that doesn't necessarily surprise me, because sometimes scientists can be look facts in the face and they won't accept them simply because they don't want to.  Don't even get me started on that.  Instead, we will celebrate the unique magic that this piece brings to those who embrace it.

So, here's the background story.  There is a mummy who is known as Lady Dai.  She's from the Han Dynasty, which was like two millennia ago.  Her body was found 2,000 years later with scientists claiming that, to date, she is the most well-preserved Mummy of all times.  Can you imagine that?  You don't look a day over 1500!!  The mummy was found buried in a mysterious liquid that has not since been able to be replicated.  It's not that they (the scientists) haven't tried.  They have.  They just simply haven't been able to re-create it and they never will be.  

We have come as close as it gets to replicating the mystery liquid that Lady Dai was found "sleeping" in.  This piece was created with the energies of that serum.  It worked out much better than actually trying to re-create the serum itself.  This is because the energies have become more concentrated and work way better than the original serum did.  That original serum was one that was created by the Chinese ancient.  The goal was simply to preserve the body and it worked.  Lady Dai's skin was soft and her joints were able to bend.  The sorcerer who created this serum did so with the ancient magic of the Chinese zodiac.  

However, this piece goes a bit further.  This piece will not only preserve your body, but it will also preserve your soul.  In other words, this piece will give you immortality.  It will slow your aging process down to a halt and when your body reaches full maturation you will stop aging altogether.  Immortal, you will become.  

Yeah, that's cool, but what is immortality without a purpose?  well, that's the second part of this piece.  since Lady Dai has been sitting in her magical soup du jour for thousands of years, it has received concentrated amounts of her spiritual essence.  Why is this important?  Because Lady Dai wasn't your average, run-of-the-mill woman.  she was a queen consort of the Han Emperor at the time, but more than that she was a well-versed sorceress.  Her magic of choice?  All kinds.  Her specialty is Asian Zodiac magic, through which just about power or ability can be created, but she dabbles in all sorts of magic.  She even knows alchemy and a bit of Kabbalah.  She is well-versed in Vedic magic and even a bit of Celtic magic.  She did not play around when it came to her magic.

This is all good news, because when you own this piece you also will be given the presence of Lady Dai.  You will gain a psychic connection to her and she will become your own personal magic curator.  You will tell her what you want and she will create it for you.  As I said, she has been around for a long, long time so it's safe to say she knows a thing or two about a thing or two.  In her spirit form, she is an ascended being, so if there is a magic that you petition her to make and she can't help you, she will find somebody or something that can.  Do not be hindered.  Lady Dai is the way to go. 
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