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Lady Justice

Lady Justice

SKU: 682401


In today’s world you better have lots of help on your side especially if you are brought to court. The last time I had one of these pieces was about 15 years ago in a different form. This one is not sterling and a size 7 but was made the exact same way. The last one got the job done for one of my customers and the case didn’t look good. I remember working on a murder case many years ago. The guy was accused of killing another guy but he was no where near him. The police just pinned it on him because they knew he did drugs. His girlfriend came to me because she knew I knew what I was doing. His current lawyer was a public pretender so we knew he was headed up river. I never met him but I knew her and she was really good people! I saw his picture and as some of you know I can read them and I knew immediately he didn’t do it. I met with his public pretender who wasn’t happy but he had to work with me if that’s what his client wanted. Luckily due to me doing the research he was set free. They are still going great! This piece isn’t just for criminal accusations but lawsuits, injuries, etc. You can wear it on your finger, place in a pocket after holding it or wear on a chain. You may also place it inside your pillowcase. This does work!!!

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