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Li Grand Zombi-- Voodoo Serpent of Knowledge

Li Grand Zombi-- Voodoo Serpent of Knowledge

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This piece is chunky and heavy sterling silver.  The Stone holds the blood that was used in the Saint James Ceremony.  Read below to find out .more about this brilliant piece. 

We traveled back in time with this piece.  I know that’s a pretty bold statement to open with, but I promise it gets better, because not only did we travel back in time with this piece, but we were able to capture the essence of Marie Laveau’s own snake familiar which was called Li Gran Zombi, name after the Loa of the same name.  

LI Gran Zombi are loa who are serpents of wisdom/  They are called upon during voodoo rituals to grant the person that is calling them the wisdom that they have asked for.  In the case of Mari Laveau, Li Gran Zombi was also the actual name of her familiar that we hs been, on many accounts, recorded as using part of her rituals and magical ceremonies.  

We traveled back to the 1800s, specifically on the 23 of June, which is the Even of Saint John.  This is the night that Marie Laveau would hold a dancing ceremony on the shorelines of the bayous or Lake Pontchartrain.  She would her serpent familiar to lick her face and in doing sho the serpent-- described as a boa constrictor or a ball python-- passed all of the knowledge to Mari that he had received during the years.  

There’s more to the ritual that you can look up if you want to, but in a nutshell, Marie was able to share the wisdom and magic of her serpent with the crow.  What we were able to do is summon a duplicate version of what we are calling the Voodoo serpent of Knowledge.  We summoned the serpent into this piece.  When using this piece you will be able to call for Li Gran Serpent.  You will tell the serpent of knowledge what it is you want to know.  He will slither among the land of the Loa, where he will retrieve the magic you requested.  This is Voodoo Magic, so keep in mind it is dual magic and you can use this piece either way or the other.
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