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A very different all seeing eye.

The all seeing eye is called the Eye of God or the eye of Horus. In ancient times it was used as a form of protection but there was always the hidden meaning. Not just a hidden meaning but a hidden power. This was the divine light imprisoned in matter. Those who knew a lot about this, Royal Magicians knew it must be liberated and how to do it. The gifts of the eye that has been liberated takes on a form all its own. This is designed to work with the owner or wearer of the supernatural jewelry. These things included protection against evil, safety, health , wisdom and prosperity. There was also the gift of prophecy, science and divination. The eye itself possesses the means for deliverance and the opening of the divine light. Unlike most magical pieces this one does take on a personality of its own and works with you like a binding chain of greatness and good. It connects with your third eye opened or not to make sure you have and get what you need. The symbol of the all seeing eye is also on Apollos Temple at Delphi. This is described in the book of the dead.

I have one size 8, the square one and one size 10 the round stone. These rings are extremely ancient!

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