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Life Magic, Renewal, and Thothian Secrets--

Life Magic, Renewal, and Thothian Secrets--

SKU: 8252102


In the center of this piece, there is a centrifuge. It is a ring of magic that has been empowered by the ancient rites of Thothian magic. We found a hermitage of immortal magicians dedicated to his magic that has been alive since Egyptian time. They cannot be seen because they live in complete invisibility and anonymity. They wouldn’t have to if they didn’t want to, but they’d rather dedicate their existence to magic than meddle in the ways of the world. If you ask me, they’re pretty smart. We would not have even stumbled upon them if they didn’t introduce themselves to us. They wanted us to introduce a custom-made item into the world because, in their words, “a great darkness is descending upon us.” Only a few will be chosen to receive what they call the LIght of Thoth.

The Light of Thoth is a conglomeration of magic that has been written into the Lost Tablets of Thoth. They are epithets of his knowledge that he carved into tablets with his finger, like the Divine Hand. The immortals have owned these tablets since ancient times and own them to this day. The centrifuge is a current of magic. Then, there are serpents of life whose jaws are clamped onto the centrifuge. Then there are wire-like bands that complete the entire loop, making a closed circuit of magic. The magic that this piece holds is many. However, the predominant driving forces that keep the centrifuge alive are life magic and renewal.

When you wear this piece you will receive life magic. This will allow you to open your eyes to the true reality of things and live. It will allow you to feel younger, and bolder, and more inspired to do things. It will bring you the Light of Thoth, which is the ability to receive the magic of his Lost Tablets. This will bring you white light magic that you will be able to manifest into reality. Like I said, these abilities are many. What you are best matched for will be shown to you first and after that, you can keep working with the piece to develop and unlock different forms of magic.

This piece also brings you renewal. This definitely is not immortality, but like the immortals, you experience youth and vitality. As you age you will also remain young. Your physical appearance will change, but your health and your well-being will remain solidly intact. How do they say it? You will be as healthy as an ox! Or, as my doctor likes to say-- “for the shape you’re in, you’re in pretty good shape.”

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