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LInk To Druidic Magic, 13 Trees of Life

LInk To Druidic Magic, 13 Trees of Life

SKU: 5112107


Here is another one-of-a-kind piece for you.  IT is chock full of magic and has a very storied background to it.  The piece itself is an antique, french enamel locket with a dried four-leaf clover inside of it.  At first glance, you might think to yourself that this piece is another luck item or something of that sort.  In fact, it's nothing like that at all.  

In ancient times there was a garden that was built for the druids by the hands of their gods.  This garden was built to reflect the direct image of the Sacred Grove of 13 Trees.  The garden grew abundantly on Earth and the druids used it as a means to acquire the real magic of the Sacred Grove.  It was a hot spot of magic for them.  All the magic that they could have ever wanted was able to be dreamed up in this garden with the replicated presence of the 13 Sacred Trees.  It was powerful, uninhibited magic.  

Somewhere along the line, somebody got jealous.  I don't know if it was a different type of sorcerer or some type of rogue ancient.  Whatever the case may be this entity was extremely powerful because he cast a curse upon the garden, drying it up to leaf by leaf, tree by tree, clover by clover.  In fact, the curse states that as sure as the sacred Druidic garden would dry up, so would the magic of the druids.  It came to pass the garden completely dried up and every last clover dried up and turned to dust.  All except for this one.  

This piece is the only link left between the curse that was cast on the druidic garden and the existence of their very magic.  It is a dried-up clover from their garden.  If the clover dries up, Druidic magic as we know it will cease to exist, as will the original Sacred Grove of the 13 Sacred Trees.  However, we know that won't happen because we are going to find somebody that is going to take really good care of this piece and in return, they will receive all the magic they could ask for.  

As I've said, this clover is the link between our mortal world and druidic magic.  It holds a link between our realm ad the realm called the Sacred Grove.  With this piece, you will be able to open up a direct, psychic link to the Sacred Grove of 13 Sacred Trees.  With this link, the power and energy of the 13 Sacred Trees will run through you like blood in your veins.  Their roots will feed you knowledge and magic.  These Trees of Life an extremely powerful and they are the gateways to all magic.  They are also the origins of the 13 Divine Bloodlines, but we will save that one for another time.  

The point is, this piece is extremely powerful!  The roots of the 13 Trees of Life extend to every possible corner of existence and the roots of regular trees soak up water to revitalize the tree, these roots will soak up the magic that you ask for you quench your thirst for power and magic.  
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