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Little Asian Box of Wishes

Little Asian Box of Wishes

SKU: 3921038

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This vintage Asian Box features hand-carve stone. It is an amazing piece

This piece is called the Little Asian Box of Wishes.  This piece was created by a sorcerer that serves the Red and the Green society.  I cannot tell you how I was able to get this piece, but the important thing is that I have it.  This piece is spiritually fused to the 8 Lucky Immortals.  We have offered pieces that have display yed the powers of these Immortals before and they have always been a huge hit!

When using this piece you will burn a stick or cone of incense.  It doesn't matter what scent.  Just burn one.  When the incense has burned out take the ahes and place them into the Little Asian Box of Wishes.  You will then be able to meditate with your box and think of what it is you would like them to grant for ou.  There are 8 immortals and each one of them holds special powers.  I forget which one does which, but examples include wealth generation, love, luck, wealth in business, happiness, harmony, magical acquisition, spell casting, fate shifting, etc.  You can look up the 8 Lucky Immortals if you want, to see exactly what they are all about.  You will not be disappointed.
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