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Magic of the Obsidian Buddha

Magic of the Obsidian Buddha

SKU: 5112127

This is another piece of Asian magic.  I think we could learn a thing or two from them.  This piece is an obsidian neutralizer.  It has been created by the magic of the Ancient Orient, which is the case with a lot of our Asian pieces.  The difference is that this piece is made out of obsidian and obsidian carries energy well.  It also is great at filtering and recycling the energies in the air, the energies of the body, or really any energies at any time.  

When you are using this piece you will be able to filter your own bodily energies, They will be refreshed and filtered.  All negativity will be extracted and darkness, too.  The only thing that will be left in the pristine soul that you were given at birth.  It will cleanse your house too!  It will cleanse others upon whom you lay your hands.  It will cleanse your home.  This piece is excellent for exorcisms or simply expelling out the darkness from one's soul.  However, there is something else with this piece.  

The carved Buddha holds the power to put your mind into a state of Nirvana. During this state, he will be able to mentally transform your mind.  He will transform your mind with the powers of the ancient gods and goddesses. These powers range from love and wealth to agelessness and beauty.  All you have to do is meditate with the piece and ask the Buddha for the power that you want.
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