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Magic Tibetan Singing Bowls-- Dozens of Powers

Magic Tibetan Singing Bowls-- Dozens of Powers

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This piece is a Sterling silver pendant!  It's very big!  

The piece that I'm about to tell you about is from an investigation we went on a while ago, but we have only now decided that we were going to part with the item.  It's been a good run, but it is now time for it to go to its next owner.  The magic in the item is definitely one-of-a-kind.   We traveled the whole way to Tibet in order to create this piece.  Well, actually, we traveled to Tibet for other reasons and this was a side-project that we worked on while we were there.  

If you haven't ever heard of Tibetan bowls, then now is the time for you to go look them up on Youtube.  Long story short they kind of look like a mortar and pestle, except the bowls are larger.  The pestle is then drugged around the circumference of the bowl to make a sound.  This sound is good for relaxation and meditation.  However, as you will soon understand, the singing bowls are also good for other, metaphysical things.  

So, I won't bore you with the minute details, but we ended up in this secret sanctuary place.  I don't know if that's what it really is called, but that's what it looked like to us.  In this sanctuary there were monks clad in the typical orange monk outfits.  They all had some weird symbol marked on their palms, which we would find out later was so that their souls could connect to the singing bowls.  I'm not sure what their markings were made out of, or if they were some kind of strange tattoo, but they glew an off yellow color.   

In the sanctuary there were dozens of bowls.  There were bowls everywhere and each bowl had these markings that looked esoteric in nature.  We learned later on that those markings corresponded to the magic that each bowl contained.  This is why there were so many of them.  I know I said dozens, but I know that has to be an understatement.  There were bowls everywhere.  There bowls as far as the eye could see.  

We spoke to one monk who was referred to as the Ascended Father.  He is the one that revealed the mystery of the temple we had stumbled across.  I mean, there really was no secret, as the monks that live in this place share their magic with anyone who wants to know it.  The bowls hold ancient powers and magic.  When bowls are played, their frequency imparts its magic upon those who hear it, but only when played by one of the monks with the markings on their hand.  

We spent the next several days workin sun-up until sun-down creating this piece.  This piece actually went in the bowl to receive the direct resonance of each of the bowls that was present.  I'm not exaggerating, either.  We literally put this piece in each and every bowl we could find and the monks-- called players-- played the bowls for us so we could acquire the magic and put it into this piece.  

Wealth, love, astral travel, beautification, mind control, psychic abilities, time control, divine manifestation, entity birthing, angelic summoning, djinn summoning, divine protection, mind warping, quantum traveling, quantum leaping, celestial magic, lunar magic, and scores of others will become yours when you are using this piece.  It has collected every magic of every bowl there was in the temple.  

When you wear this piece you psychically connect with it to tell the piece what power you don't have.  Your piece will create a silent resonance, which will emanate into your body and into your mind, granting you the power or ability that you want.
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