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Magic Written in the Stars/Your Divine Starmate

Magic Written in the Stars/Your Divine Starmate

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This piece is for the lovelorn. Sometimes you can love somebody so bad that it creates an ache in your heart where the love is supposed to be. You feel like your life will not go on without the love and attention of the person you so desperately long for. If you could only hold them in your arms one last time, or maybe for the first time if you have it bad, it would be perfect. You know it! Okay, this is starting to sound like an Usher song.

Listen, we feel you! We get where you're coming from. We have human emotions, too. We know what they are all about. That's why we have created this piece. This piece is a star-studded compact. We have searched long and hard for a love magic that is unique and powerful. We have finally found it.

This piece calls upon the Archangel Raphael, who assisted Tobias in defeating the archdemon Asmodeus. Asmodeus is a bad dude. He is the demon of infidelity, sexual immorality, pornography, carnal sin, and some even say Beastiality. Eww. You can imagine how awful it was to have to go up against such a kook.

However, Raphael did just that with Tobias. He not only faced the demon, but he defeated him. Then, he joined Tobias to Sarah, his love, in holy matrimony. Not today, Satan! The two went on to live happily ever after.

This piece holds that love magic that god has given Raphael. When you use this piece the stars will align for you and your loved one. Not only will this bring you a soulmate, but it will bring you what is called your divine starmate. This is a benediction that God will pour out upon you and your lover, meaning that it is God's own divine will that you two should be together.

The stars will align and the universe will make it so. If your crush is trying to fight it, you might as well just tell them to stop. Once God wills something into existence there is no going against it. It's set in stone. It's happening. The end.

Since you know that we are not to be outdone, this piece also grants divine wishes. These are like regular wishes, except that they are granted by Raphael with the authority of God. Once again, your wish will become the divine will of God. The stars will be set into motion and your wish will become reality.

One last thing I should mention is that this piece brings protection, too. You will notice inside the compact there is a perfume. It has been anointed by Raphael's presence. This is what activates the power in this piece. You will simply put some of it on and then communicate with Raphael, telling him who your true love is. You can tell him what you most desire and your wish will be granted. Finally, when you wear this scent, evil will flee from your presence, keeping you perfectly safe and bringing you the blessings of the divine.

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