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Man’s vampire bracelet

Man’s vampire bracelet

SKU: 21724022


This is a bracelet for male or female, either can wear it without looking funny. This is not a spirit attached piece. It was made by someone who claimed to be one. I don’t know if that’s true or not but we did test it. For some testers some of the things worked super fast. For others they had one or two things work but it took some time. One guy had one thing work for him but he was happy because it’s really what he wanted. I personally think this one is a hit or miss. I know many say everything works perfectly in what they sell but I don’t do that. This may give you everything I state it was made to do or it may not. The worst case scenario is you get one ability. Now it’s important that you know who these testers now are. These are people who would love to believe in supernatural power or the paranormal but don’t because they have seen no evidence of it. They also have never given it time or gone looking for it either. They have an interest in it but it’s mild. So these were the testers. I always like to play with things and this is one of them only because there were certain things I wanted to see from the guy that he wouldn’t show me. There is one thing all living and dead vampires can show you if they are real. It is horrifying but only they can do it. He did not show me this even after I told him about it. There was no reason not to show me especially after I told him about it. So so this piece is going on because it did test out as working but not with all he said. However each person did get a few things except the one who only got one ability out of it. This is why it’s 38.00. Also I have one more if someone is interested. The other one is a gold colored man’s bracelet with crystals in it. It’s definitely for men. It’s a heavy link type bracelet and very manly. That is testing the same as this one and the last one I need to pick up from the last tester. Below is what he said he cultivated into it.

Immortality- no signs of this but that does take a long time to test.

Superhuman strength- no signs of this.

Hypnotic powers- yes

Flight- yes and no but the yes was in the astral way.

Shapeshifting- none

Control over animals- yes


Weather control- one tester only.

Invisibility- none

Teleportation- yes for 2 testers, I was shocked! I really want to have that tested some more. I’m not confident or convinced. Hey, I’m telling you like it is!

Regeneration- yes!

Heightened senses- yes.

Enjoy in whatever or how many you get. He said you need to wear it touching the skin for a few evenings. You can take it off before going to bed and should not be worn while in the shower.

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