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Marjolica’s Magic

Marjolica’s Magic

SKU: 22822103

Awkward Poof!

This necklace features a beautiful glittery swan. This piece was done by Marjolica, we are aware that’s the name of Italian pottery, maybe Spanish? Marjolica is a lady we sometimes work with when she’s not sick. I say sick because she was born with the gift of sin eating. She is a sin eater. When she does that type of work she gets very ill depending on the persons issues and BS. Either way when she can she makes things to improve peoples lives. This is one of those items. This takes away awkwardness, gives confidence and enhances a persons physical features for the better. Issues on the physical body including looks very slowly begin to change to amazing beauty.

To use this piece you only need to wear it or carry it for 10 days. After the 10 days take it off and bury it anywhere you like. When I update the blog

which will be soon I will tell you more about Marjolica.

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