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Masonic Awakening of the Inner Temple

Masonic Awakening of the Inner Temple

SKU: 1012115


This piece is truly a unique and one of a kind piece. To get a better look at this piece you can you a YouTube video by using the following web address:

This piece holds the powers and energies of ancient Freemason enlightenment. It is a rare piece that can be used as a pendulum and pendant. It has a square stone on the body, a black spark of mystery knowledge, and a crystal on the very top. It is a one-of-a-kind piece for a one-of-a-kind power. The components of the piece all move freely and they act as a key to hidden knowledge.

The knowledge comes from a collection of Akkadian runes that have given the Freemason's knowledge about how to access what is called the "inner temple." The inner temple is a knowledge that lives within us. All people are born with it, including you. The thing is that you simply do not know how to access this power.

The frequencies that have been set into this piece will resonate with your body. It will awaken your inner temple and you will experience enlightenment. Many things will be revealed to you, as many things have been revealed to those who have used this same type of magic to awaken their own inner temple.

For instance, the awakening of the temple is what allowed John Dee to communicate with angels and receive the secret language of Enochian. The awakening of the temple is what allowed Aleister Crowley to find and communicate with Aiwass of the pyramids. It is what allowed the Ba'al Shem to communicate with spirits and foresee the future.

This wakening allowed Helena Blavatsky to become a mystic. It allowed Nostradamus to predict the future. It has allowed Marie Laveau to become a Voodoo Queen. It continuously allows the Illuminati to access Reptilian magic and the magic of the Cosmos. Folks, this is a very important piece. I cannot stress this enough.

It also allowed the ancient alchemists to find the Alchemists Stone. It allowed them to develop alchemic wealth. More importantly, it allowed them to develop soul alchemy and that allowed them to acquire things like immortality, soul transmogrification, and other life-changing magic. All these things and more can be yours with this piece!

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