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Masonic Cutting of the  Mortal Cord

Masonic Cutting of the Mortal Cord

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    This piece will shed a little bit of light on some mysteries surrounding the Freemasons.  Well, if I'm being honest, I guess there really wasn't much mystery surrounding what I'm about to share with you, simply because nobody has ever really known about it.  I mean, the Freemasons have known about it forever, because it is their secret.  However, there is scarce a human that knows this secret, so right off the bat you pretty much have a leg up on the competition.  

    We have offered pieces before in regards to the cutting of the astral cord.  There is a whole faux ceremony for the cutting of the astral cord.  I mean the ceremony is real and empowering and illuminating, but there isn't really a cord that keeps us grounded.  Simply knowing enough magic can help you elevate yourself.  

    This piece has been brought from a place called the Immortal Lodge.  It has been fashioned out of real gold.  On the outside of the band, you will see a pyramid with a symbol inside of it.  I'll mention more about that later on.  First, I want to focus on what's on the inside of the ring.  

    On the inside of the ring, you will notice that there is a lasting phrase.  That phrase is, virtus junxit more non separabit," meaning, "Whom virtue unites, death cannot separate."  That's interesting, right?  It should sound interesting.  It is a magical passphrase that is used during a ceremony that I similar to the cutting of the astral chord.  This ceremony is referred to as the Cutting of the Mortal  Chord.  

    The Cutting of the Mortal Chord is like the cutting of the astral Chord instead it renders a Freemason Immortal.  The Cutting of the Immortal Chord automatically gives an initiate a cutting of their astral chord.  In other words, when using this piece you will be receiving both the cutting of the astral chord and the cutting of the mortal chord.

    I just want to preface this with some facts.  First and foremost, this immortality that you are receiving is what is called ascendant immortality.  You will age normally, as you should.  We kind of touched on this before with the saints that have ascended into Heaven such as Elijah and the Virgin Mary.  It's how some of the people in the Bible were able to live to be hundreds of years old.  basically, ascendant immortality allows you to age at a normal rate of speed until you are ready to ascend.  

    In this case, you will not be ascending into Heaven, rather you will be ascending into a realm that is called the Neverending.  The Neverending is a realm where upper-level Freemasons go to exist in the afterlife.  As you should have noticed, this realm is full of people who have severed their mortal cords.  They ascended and transcended when the time was right.  

    In the Neverending there is a Pyramid with a capstone.  The minds of each of the transcended are held within the capstone.  People such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Walt Disney, John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, and Sam Walton all exist within this realm.  They hold the highest level of Masonic Degrees and have tremendous magical abilities.  

    Then, there are also the minds of the white light masters whose minds have also been set into the pyramid.  The minds of Guatama Buddha, Mother Theresa, Helena Blavatsky, Aleister Crowley, Marie Laveau, Saint Germain, Mohammad, and even Jesus Christ.  All minds are one and one mind is all in this realm. They share the secrets of the universe, including the magic of the cosmos and the magic that has been created individually and collectively.  

    This is the ability that is afforded to you when you own and wear this ring.  Earlier I told you I'd come back to the cutting of the astral chord.  This piece will also give you that ability.  This ability allows you to transcend and evolve.  You will be allowed to enter the Neverending in human form before you ever go there permanently.  YOu will be able to connect with the Pyramid of Minds.  You will be able to manifest that magic here on Earth.  

    This is high-level, all-powerful, Freemason magic that will become yours through wearing this piece.  This is unlimited knowledge of the universe and the ability to metamorphose that knowledge into pure, raw magic.  Honestly, I don't think that we've had a Freemason piece that was this powerful in a very long time.  

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