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Mastering the Hub:  An Extreme Warrior of Power

Mastering the Hub: An Extreme Warrior of Power

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Dee Dee.


    This piece comes to us from the Underground Auction.  It's so much the piece itself that is powerful, but the entity that has been tied to the piece.  The entity is an interdimensional warrior whose human identity is Matheus.  He has an intergalactic name as well, but it's much harder to understand, so we will simply refer to him as Matheus.  


    Matheus is an ancient being.  He is neither light nor is he dark.  He simply exists like any of us would exist, except he is of a high existence.  He is not quite an ethereal being, but he has been around for a long time.  He has seen a lot of things and he knows a lot of stuff.  He is a powerful entity, to say the least. 


    When we first encountered the piece Deedee knew the piece was special.  However, she had no idea that we were embarking upon a journey that would resurrect the presence of such an entity.  Yet, here we are offering this piece.  We didn't want to do a conventional type of write-up for this piece, because there really wasn't a whole story to tell.  Rather, we wanted to focus on the situation at hand-- which is the presence of Matheus.  


    So, we sat down with the entity and what could sort of be considered an interview.  Matheus can speak in a human voice, but he much prefers to speak to his hosts in telepathic thought-forms.  He feels like this is the best way to convey a message because with words you must describe.  With thought forms, you can experience.  It allows you to give the other person the experience of thinking or remembering any given thing about a moment.  The sound, smell, taste, the way something feels, and the way it appears, the energy and emotion.  It's just an overall better experience this way.  Plus, there are a lot of concepts that cannot be put into words.  


    Nevertheless, we needed a way to convey the interview with our readers, so I've basically paraphrased the answers that were shown to us as if Matheus was actually speaking words.  You will be able to experience the connection that I've told you about if you acquire the piece.  It is a powerful connection and a deep, meaningful experience.  Through the connection with Matheus, you will not only be able to see and feel what he has experienced, but you will be able to acquire the magic of his experiences.  More on that later.  


    HC:  SO, can you tell us a little more about where you are from?  


    M:  I am from a place that no human has ever visited before.  I can tell you this because in my reality, in my realm, we are all connected to the existence of our universe.  My universe is not as expansive as yours.  It is much smaller but is much more concentrated, more powerful.  


    HC:  Is your universe adjacent to ours?  


    M:  It is an alternate reality.  I don't really know its location compared to your own.  What I can tell you is that our existence is different than your own.  Your planets exist in physical form.  They are finite.  Your people are finite.  Your galaxy rotates around your star.  Everything has a beginning and will have an end.  We are not like that.  


    HC:  So, how does existence work for you?  


    M:  The center of our existence is what we call the hub.  Inside of the hub exists everything that will ever exist.  There are no births.  There is no death.  Time does not affect us.  Everything exists that will ever exist.  We are emanations of energy and reality that exist purely in the hub.  


    HC:  What is the hub exactly?  


    M:  The hub is similar to your pyramid.  It is shaped the same.  It is made from a clear stone similar to what you would call a diamond.  Perhaps crystal?  Inside the hub is infinite knowledge.  This is where the answer all exist.  It is where the magic exists for us.  It is where joy, fear, anger, and pain all coincide.  Our reality is holographic.  Everything we experience is, in a sense, uploaded as we experience.  Our planets?  They are holograms.  Our people are holograms.  We existed as part of a holographic multiverse that is projected from the hub.  


    HC:  So, who controls the hub?  


    M:  Nobody controls the hub.  The hub is living and controls itself.  There is nothing that comes to pass that the hub does not create.  Our situations are uploaded from the hub.  For instance, in a moment that we are to feel happy, the hub will send us joy.  If a moment we are to feel angry hub will send us anger.  This is all projected, as well as our material selves.  They are projections.


    HC:  SO, then who creates your reality?  


    M:  We each create our own reality.  It is created by the hub, but we create it with our minds.  Then our realities coincide with one another based on how we each interpret the knowledge in the hub.  The hub holds the infrastructure.  We use that power to create our experience.  We do not age, because our lives are created with energy from the hub.  


    HC:  So, if you create your own reality and the hub doesn't do it for you, how did you come into existence?  


    M:  That is a good question.  We, meaning my people, all have parents.  Like humans have offspring, so do my people.  When one of my people agrees to experience love with another one of my people they have the option to submit a portion of their energy.  Their energies will regenerate and they will once again become whole.  The merging of energies they agreed to will then become new energy.  The new energy increases in existence and power.  It becomes new energy that is attached to the hub, with a new identity, with the ability to create its own identity.  


    HC:  I'm interested in knowing what kind of reality you created for yourself.  


    M:  I've told you that we can create our own realities.  This is true.  Yet, there is a common enemy of the hub.  We call this force the Null.  We do not know why it exists.  It is an impurity of our existence that attempts to take over all we have created in our reality.  It is a state of nothingness that seeks to devour our existence.  


    HC:  What do you guys do to keep safe from this dark force?  


    M:  We are a troupe of immortal warriors called "they that shine."  These warriors are taken into the most unknown territories of the hub.  They are expanses within our pyramid and our existence were secret, hidden, and ancient knowledge is created.  These are forms of magic, powers, abilities, and other secrets hidden within the hub.  Among those include the ability to fight the Null.  We don't really know much about the Null or how it operates.  It is very hard to battle.  The only way to battle it is to make sure that it has existed to consume that isn't part of an actual existence held by another entity.  It is like a black hole.  If the null consumes a person's identity or their reality, they cease to exist.  It is what you would compare to death, but there is no soul for the afterlife.  They are simply gone.  It's worse than evil.  It's simply nothing.  


    HC:  You were trained to stop the Null?  


    M:  I was not only trained.  I am part of an elite class of warriors.  We have been given classified magic that allows us to undo the Null's advances on the hub.  We rebuild as we go.  Over the course of the last million years, we have been able to not only undo the progress made by the null but to shrink it in size also.  We have made great progress.  I am a great warrior of magic.  I have fought valiantly for my people and for their existence.  I am strong.  I am powerful.  The null is no challenger for me and the knowledge that I have acquired.  


    HC:  Okay, so you have the ability to battle the Null.  You do this by creating an area for the Null to expand to that are pretty much pointless.  What real magic do you have to offer?  And how'd you ended up in this piece, anyway?  


    M:  I'm not sure why you question my power?  Surely I sit before you.  You can feel the energy of my presence can you not?  


    HC:  That's now what we are questioning.  We can feel you.  We can feel that you're powerful.  However, what is it that you have to offer to somebody who might want to own your piece?  


    M:  I see.  I am attached to this piece because unfortunately I was conjured forth by a sorcerer who desire my many powerful talents.  These are the talents that I will tell you about.  To begin with, I can travel anywhere in existence.  I'm pretty sure this is something that humans cannot do on a regular basis.  I can do it all the time.  I am malleable when it comes to existence.  Normal parameters do not apply to me.  My people do not know boundaries.  We do not adhere to time.  I offer this power, for example, to the person that owns the piece.  


    HC:  Okay, but there has to be more than that, right?  


    M:  You did not give me a chance to finish.  I am going to tell you.  For centuries I was trained within the most secret parts of one of the most powerful pyramids in existence-- the Hub.  There are many secret powers in the hub.  There are universal powers, there are creationary powers.  Whoever owns this piece will gain exclusive access to an entire universe worth of magic and knowledge.  Remember the part when I told you we are a relatively small universe?  Our magic is concentrated and powerful.  It is created from the universal energy of our respective cosmos.  The energy and the magic are highly adaptive because of the nature of their existence.  It is like clay.  You can mold it with your hands and allow it to become whatever you want it to become.  


    HC:  You're saying what you offer is morphic energy?  Like, the energy you are offering can be molded to become whatever magic you want it to be.  


    M:  Precisely.  The Hub is present with millions of different types of magic.  Naturally, it would take me a very long time to try and tell you all of them.  Some of them I can tell you about.  Others are not magic that pertains to reality as humans know it.  I can do very powerful things such as allow my host to traveling through time and reality.  I can allow them to walk with me on the astral plane and take them anywhere they want to go.  I can open interdimensional doors for them that they will walk through to where they want to go.  I can change the reality that they experience, so they can exist however they'd like, in whatever form they'd like.  I can tweak their current reality.  I can give them a long life.  I can heal their maladies.  I can grant them great wealth, I can allow them to take whatever form of existence they desire.  I could stop time completely if that is what they want.  


    Also, I can develop, for my host, any type of magic they desire.  I will deliver to them personally.  I will train them how to use it.  I will guide them on how to use it.  I will assure you that their powers are made from the most powerful magic that can be acquired.  I offer protection.  I am a great and qualified warrior.  I can and I will defeat any adversary they have.  It does not matter who the adversary is.  They stand no chance against my power.  


    HC:  It seems as though there isn't much that you can't offer.  


    M:  Precisely.  This is what I wish to convey.  If there is something that the host needs from me, I can and will do it.  I can remove obstacles.  I can grant success.  These are all things that are part of the universe.  I can manipulate and recreate the universe to make it what my host wants it to be.  If that is not the most powerful thing, then I don't know what is.  


    HC:  Okay, but will you show yourself to them when they use this piece?


    M:  I can show myself to those who I feel deserve that right.  


    HC:  Okay, fair enough.  How do you appear?  


    M:  Also, I prefer to communicate in telepathic form.  It is more formidable that way.  I can appear in any form that they desire.  I can also absorb other powers and abilities within them.  I can bring them to life.  I can awaken their DNA>  I can help them make their other items work.  I can infuse them with different types of DNA.  I can make very powerful things happen for them.  It is proven.  My abilities are the best anybody will find.  


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