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Mayan Black Crystal Skull

Mayan Black Crystal Skull

SKU: 1012118


This is a gorgeous necklace that has been made with all genuine stones. There is a video for this piece where you can see the necklace and further detail. Use the following link:

This piece holds the energies of a very powerful relic that we had the chance to work with. We did not get to keep the original relic as it was only sent to us temporarily for testing purposes. However, the amount of time that we did have the relic for was enough time for us to realize it was extremely powerful.

The relic came to us from somewhere down on the Yucatan Peninsula. We weren't given all of the information, but somewhere in the wilderness, they found the ruins of what they believe to have been a sun temple. The relic also came from the ruins and we can confirm that the magic within the relic was definitely Mayan.

The relic was a black crystal skull. It looked just like any of the other crystal skulls-- like the ones we sold a while ago-- except it was carved out of translucent black crystal. Or, perhaps it was brought to them from celestial visitors. we aren't sure about that part. What we can confirm is that the skull is black crystal and very powerful.

The skull was able to be used in several different ways. The first of these ways was to show you whatever you wanted to see. When using the piece I played my hands on either side of the skull, looking directly into its eyes. I stated what I wanted the skull to show me. Don't ask how I knew how to do this. The skull just showed me.

The skull began to give off a strange glow. The rounded part of the back of the skull began to fill in with stars and other spatial matter. They floated around like dust particles in the sun. Then they began swirling. I had asked to see the Falling of Judas after his death, where he was split open and his blood spilled onto Potters Field. The swirling gave way and I was able to see into the back of the crystal skull as it showed me what I had asked for in vivid detail.

Another way I used the skull was to ask the skull for specific energy or magic. The skull began to glow and I placed my hands upon it. I could feel a slight tingling from within. My hand became stuck to the skull and I could feel power and energy rushing from within the skull into my body. What I had asked for was the ability to connect to the cosmos. You can ask for anything, this was just what I happened to ask for when working with the relic.

When the relic released my hands, I closed my eyes. While they were closed, I was mentally connected to the cosmos. I saw millions of strands of vibrational frequencies, each that held different magic or ability that could have allowed me to resonate a frequency into my own body to acquire the power or ability.

The final way that I was able to use the relic was for astral relocation. Simply put, I chose a place where I often like to visit and placed my hands on either side of the skull. I started my destination into the crystal skull, as I gazed into its eyes, my mind became hazy. It went blank and the next thing I know I was waking up in Atlantis in my astral form.

I understand you are not getting a skull. YOu are getting a stone that has been saturated in the energies of the crystal skull. YOu can use it as a scrying piece in the mirror and what you want to see will be there. Other than that you will clutch this piece in your hand while asking for what you want.

Again, you can ask for power or ability, or you can ask to travel anywhere in astral form. It even houses a long-lost Maya secret magic. This you will have to use the skull to reveal. The skull itself forbade me from revealing it.

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