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Merlin’s Gourd

Merlin’s Gourd

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Merlin’s Gourd

Many have thought the Legend of Merlin to be nothing but a cooked-up myth. Well, it is a normal culture for the world of modern historians, archeologists, and scientists to cancel something because it was not found in their immediate scope of research. The world probably wouldn't have known about Merlin if not that his name was found in the history of the Book of the Kings of Briton, just as the Jewish Chronicles of Kings. Although the names of some of the kings were factual, some historians argue that Merlin's was fictitious. Well, so it seemed until paranormal investigations began and researchers were able to excavate the ingenious engineering of sorcery in books and items from that age. In a portmanteau partly depreciated by rust, some items survived and all fingers pointed to Merlin the Wizard. In the box were some books of spells written in English and Latin, mostly, and some items forged with ancient magic and in a royal furnace. Among such is the sterling silver gourd that is believed to have been used to make potions. The gourd has witnessed a lifetime of potions, spells, and magic, and it now holds the essence of magic itself. A user would only need to speak their desire over the gourd` and its content, and that would be it! 

Although the world continues to the genuineness of the story, those who have historical evidence know where to get their onions. While the world's people choose what they want to believe because they can or cannot wrap their minds around something, a shred of evidence says what it says. This sterling silver gourd was discovered in a paranormal investigation. And it is.

What has this great historical piece been used for? If you know what the royal furnace is you realize this is a one if a kind piece. All over the wealthiest minds of magic were found and forged into this sterling piece. Of course it doesn’t look new, because it isn’t. I would like to call this a living piece. What you might want to use it for. You forge your own magic. The supernatural magic is there already. Just ask in order to receive. Fill your bottle with oil, water or whatever your choice is and then ask.

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