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Metaphysical Weapon of Protection

Metaphysical Weapon of Protection

SKU: 8132107

This piece holds the energies of the famed Honjo Masamune.  The HM was a sword that was famously crafted that existed as a collector’s piece in Japan.  Unfortunately, after WWII Japanese people were not allowed to own weapons and many of them-- even collector’s pieces-- were destroyed.  The HM Sword was not only a work of art, but it was also a metaphysical empowered item.  It had the ability to vanquish any type of entity-- demon, djinn, vampire, werewolf, etc.-- whether physical or spiritual  It was used to battle supernatural demons and other entities in Japan.  This piece will allow you to do the same thing, simply by thinking it in your mind and then releasing it through your eyes toward the entity you wish to vanquish.  

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