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Miracles at the Altar

Miracles at the Altar

SKU: 8242104


We call this piece Miracles at the Altar because, for those of you who are faithful Christians, this piece is going to make a huge difference in your life. If you have read your bible you will know the story of Abraham and Isaac. Abraham waited a decade for his wife to give him a son. He named him Isaac. It came to pass that Abraham was tested by the Lord to sacrifice his own son as a burnt offering. Instead, at the last minute, the angel of the Lord spoke to Abraham and told him not to sacrifice his son. God then provided Abraham with a ram ( it was stuck in a nearby thicket ) to sacrifice instead. He named the place The Lord Will Provide because at the altar God gave him a miracle.

This piece holds the energies of the mountain upon which Abraham was sent to sacrifice his son. It holds the energies of God’s own devout servant. When you wear this piece the presence of the altar will be brought forth to you. You will receive enlightenment of the mind that will allow you to communicate with the angel of the Lord. You will be able to tell the angel of the Lord what miracles you need to be granted. They will be granted accordingly.

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