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Miracles of Fatima

Miracles of Fatima

SKU: 4202134

This piece is an extreme white light necklace. 

This is a secret piece that we have acquired from the Vatican.  There aren't exciting details for this one.  Deedee has an in with the people who watch over the secret archives that they have there and h can score us some pretty cool pieces from time to time.  This is one of them.  

This piece holds the white light spiritual imprint of the Virgin Mary as she appeared to Shepherd children in Fatima. It holds her motherly presence.  It holds her ability to comfort you and put you at ease in your times of worry.  It holds her ability to help you through any difficult time that you may be facing.  Whatever it is, she will help you persevere.  

This piece even has the ability to grant miracles.  It was a miracle that she showed up to the three little shepherds in the first place, but it is a reminder that to receive God, you must come to Him with the heart of a child.  Anyway, this piece also has the ability to grant the miracles that you ask of it.  These will be facilitated by God and passed on down to be expedited to you by Our Lady of Fatima.
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