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Miracles of Saint Patrick

Miracles of Saint Patrick

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This piece is an absolutely gorgeous rosary.  Just in time order for St. Patrick's day, this piece depicts Saint Patrick and the three-leaf clover.  The reason why the clover was such an important part of Irish history is that Patrick used the shamrock to explain to the Pagan tribes that he ministered to how God is one sentient being that lives in three separate persons.  A swath of miracles is attributed to Saint Patrick.  You can look all of those miracles up if you are curious.  There are a bunch of them.  

The fact is that Patrick was very close to God.  God even sent an angel to him when he was kidnapped as a child to guide Patrick on how to escape and flee to Scotland where he became a priest and eventually a bishop when he returned to Ireland to the same people who had kidnapped him.  

This piece is a beacon of light that calls upon Saint Patrick.  He still holds his powers and abilities that he held while living on Earth.  When you wear this piece you will get to communicate with him via psychic vibes.  Saint Patrick will grant you one miracle for every shamrock bead used to make this piece.  To ask for a miracle you will hold the bead between your thumb and forefinger like you would when praying the rosary and ask for it in your mind.  When all the beads are used up, this piece will bring you protection and white light spiritual enlightenment.
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