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Miu Miu-- Multipurpose Asian Familiar

Miu Miu-- Multipurpose Asian Familiar

SKU: 7262121


This piece is solid sterling silver and it works in several different ways.  It was created by an Asian sorceress using ancient oriental magic, so that right there will tell you that this piece is extremely powerful in what it offers you.  This piece holds a animal familiar who will help you in several different ways.  It’s name is Miu Miu.  

First and foremost, Miu Miu has certain living standards, so right of the bat, she is going to bring you wealth.  I’m talking about wealth in the casino, wealth in business, wealth however you want, here some wealth, there some wealth, this piece brings you wealth.  It will bring you a wealth of all kinds.  All you have to do is jingled this piece about a little bit and the power of Miu Miu 

The next way this piece will help you is quite simple.  Miu Miu i a white light entity so she will chase away evil and she will keep it away.  She will recycle the negative and toxic energies that are in your body and she will give you fresh youthful energies.  This will help you feel younger and appear younger.  

Finally, Miu Miu is a powerful traveler.  She knows her way around the astral realms.  You can ask her for just about any form of magic and she will go and fetch it for you in the purest, most potent form available.  

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