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Molech's Own Spirit Familiar

Molech's Own Spirit Familiar

SKU: 3921011


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Molech often took the form of an owl when he came to Earth.  This was to symbolize that, just as the owl was the wisest bird in the forest.  When he is not traveling to Earth in his own owl form, he has a familiar that he sends off in his presence.  The name of this familiar is Mordecai.  

This piece was not created at the Bohemian Grove,  As much as that might surprise you, this piece was actually created by a witch named Gretchen.  She's not a Satanist witch, rather she is a Pagan, Earth witch.  She's been alive for hundreds of years and we have collaborated with her in the past.  

The piece that we are offering this time is a vintage green owl pin.  T holds the spirit familiar of Molech. This is not a direct connection to the deity, but it is a direct response.  you will tell the familiar the magic and the knowledge that you want Molech to impart upon you, whether that is love, artistic ability, wealth, spell-casting, or something else.  Molech will return the familiar with what you have asked for.

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