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Money Games:  The Wealth that Helped Shape the World

Money Games: The Wealth that Helped Shape the World

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This piece is an original Greek coin from 1973 into which has been placed an extremely powerful wealth magic. Read on to find out all the juicy details.

This past year would have been the 60th . It is said that her driver was trying to outrun paparazzi that were chasing after Diana and her new beau Dodi Al-Fayed. However, we have reason to believe that there may have been another reason why the princess was being chased.

Upon their marriage, Charles gifted Diana a piece of jewelry. It was not so much the jewelry that was important as the magic that was held within. The magic had taken the form of many different pieces of jewelry throughout the years, but the piece that was given to Diana held that magic at that particular time. It was never given back to the prince and he was terribly bitter about it.

You might be wondering what type of magic might be so powerful as to have somebody literally chasing after another person to the point that it caused their death. I’ll tell you. It is a wealth and abundance magic that was acquired from the Sumerians by John Dee for Queen Elizabeth I. It has provided the royal family much success and an exorbitant amount of wealth throughout the years.

The current queen, Elizabeth II, was never too fond of the fact that the wealth magic was “squandered away to a commoner” in the first place. When it was revealed that Diana refused to give the piece back after her divorce, she was livid. We can’t say for sure if she ordered a hit on the princess or if she merely wanted her cronies to get the piece back. It wouldn’t matter anyway.

Diana was no fool and she knew what the royal family was up to. While the piece may have seen like some elaborate gift, it didn’t take her long to realize the gift’s true worth and potential. Upon discovering the wealth that the ring she was given could generate, she had it transferred from the ring into another piece. That piece was well protected. The queen eventually got her ring back, but it did her no good.

So, then what of the power that helped to bring the wealth that the royal family had enjoyed for centuries? It is in this piece. We got this piece at an underground auction that Deedee went to. I’m not quite sure of all the details. She will be writing something up about that later on, but this piece comes from that auction. We got this piece from a dealer who has a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. We don’t ask how they got the piece. They don’t tell.

For all we know, Prince Harry and Megan Markle could have gotten rid of the piece despite the royal family. Perhaps somebody who knew Diana also knew her secret. We aren’t too fixated on the “how”. We are more fixated on the “what”-- as is in what this piece can do for you. It grants you extreme, extreme wealth as it has done for the royals for quite some time. This is the kind of wealth that you want because it is the kind that will make sure that no matter what, the abundance is coming in-- which means wealth by any means necessary, under any conditions, in any form.

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