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Mr. Money Man Sing Hi

Mr. Money Man Sing Hi

SKU: 2172401


Mr. Money Man Sing Hi.

Sing Hi, Sing Lo Sweet chariot. You are coming to take me hooooooome. Not really but he’s coming to give you the cash booty call! This happy Buddha is the one for wealth. If you see his ears, they are coins, his body shows money and his hand is out. How do you use him? Not shown but on the bottom is a huge hole that is supposed to be there. You will know that when you see him. You take a paper of ALL that you want and need and place it in there. Then get an orange or Garlic and place it by him. You will then burn a little incense as a second offering to activate him. You are then good forever! If buying out of the country with this piece, please ask for a shipping quote before buying.

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