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Multiple, Deities, Saints, Plus! Voodoo for you!

Multiple, Deities, Saints, Plus! Voodoo for you!

SKU: 2172406


These are original voodoo pieces. They are old, not one piece is new. These hold so many different things from deities to one piece may just do one thing. Because of the variety I have to list them all separately. Pieces that do a lot will obviously go for more. Those that do nothing will be less expensive. Keep in mind these are all originals!

This is my last one tonight. This is the ALL. I have more but tonight this is it. This is the ALL. This piece is again extremely old and real bone. This holds all Saints, Deities and the many Loa’s. You just call on the one you want. Again, decades and decades of voodoo has been done with this piece. There is only one you need to make an offering to if you use him. I will tell the buyer that information. Those who know voodoo very well will already know which one it is. This piece is phenomenal!

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