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Multiple Goddesses At Your Disposal

Multiple Goddesses At Your Disposal

SKU: 1062240


This bracelet has real stones and is market 925 BUT, I don’t think it’s real sterling. I believe it’s one of those China scams. I have often told people I’m pretty sure something is real gold but unmarked. I’m pretty sure this is marked but not real. It doesn’t matter as I’m just going to call it costume jewelry. The price you’re paying is for the supernatural ability that’s coming with it. This holds multiple Goddesses at your disposal. You will have Eos, Inanna, Isis, Brigid and Freya. Just call the name while wearing the bracelet. You will hold the same power they do. You’re getting it all from wealth, health, lust and passion. You get so much more than that! You will not only be a goddess but a warrior as well. All the magic they can do, now you can too!

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