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Napoleon & Red Man

Napoleon & Red Man

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Napoleon & Red Man

This is from a collection I have. It is both a history book and part of his diaries. The books I have on him are all antique from that time. This is before history was sanitized to fit government narratives.

The Red Man…appeared for the first time to General Buonaparte, then in Egypt, the evening before the battle of the Pyramids. Napoleon, attended by several officers, was riding past one of those monuments of antiquity, when a man wrapped in a red mantle came out of the pyramid, and motioned him to alight and follow him. Buonaparte complied, and they went together into the interior of the pyramid. After an hour had elapsed, the officers became uneasy at the long absence of their commander: they were just on the point of entering the monument in quest of him, when he came forth with a look of evident satisfaction. Before this interview with the Red Man, he had steadfastly refused to give battle: but now he issued orders to prepare immediately for attack, and the following day he gained the victory of the Pyramids.

Below is how he dealt with the people and the religion they practiced.

The muftis eventually agreed to issue a fatwa recognizing the French as the legitimate rulers of Egypt, on condition that Napoleon and the French army converted to Islam. Napoleon, for his part, had no objection to this, and felt with a little persuasion he could sell this to his army as a mere formality. … But the muftis insisted that such a move should be more than a formality: the French would all have to be circumcised and swear to abstain from alcohol. At this stage Napoleon was forced to concede that such a move was impossible: no French soldier would ever swear to abstain from alcohol. Even so, he continued to press the muftis at their afternoon meetings, until finally they found their way to a suitably devious concession: because the French were not Christians, although they were not Muslims they could be recognized as allies of the Muslim religion.

Now when Napoleon was in Egypt which he was. And no he didn’t shoot at the pyramids and nor was he short. Just to get that out of the way. Napoleon cane upon a great entity and that entity called itself the Red Man and his skin was also red and he was dressed in all red. This was an extremely powerful and one of a kind Djinn. This Djinn has not married except to his work. His toes are forward facing so he is not evil. He was sent to build these pyramids. Not build them either his own hands but to do so with his magic. I suspect that he could be a King Solomon Djinn but I also have doubts on that for very good reasons. I understand that he held a relationship with both Egyptian Kings and Aliens. The aliens were merely used for the technology. Red Man called them down to teach about genetics, DNA and how to move giant stones with your mind. The was also taught to a man in Florida. That man is now immortal due to learning how to mind manipulate DNA and cellular structure. If you have studied the body, anatomy or the cells you realize that the nucleus of the cell has a negative charge. This is impossible but yet it’s true. This also disproves evolution but for me to get into that would take a ton of typing of which I hate. It’s also why I give discounts so I don’t have to write stuff up! This is why I say, ask to see if I have what you are looking for. I probably do and if I don’t I’m sure I can get it! Anyway on the cell structure the Red Man taught how to manipulate that through energy which honestly isn’t that hard but does take practice. Of course you need to know about it first! All pyramids hold a very unusual energy. Even if you made one out of sticks to cover your bed, you would feel it, it starts to change you! To get to the bottom line of this description, this ring was Napoleon’s. This ring holds Red Man. I also have Napoleons hair and a necklace made of him along with his personal tea pot. All verified and authenticated. Red Man will go with either piece so you get to pick. He doesn’t mind either one. The first piece is a sterling silver ring in almost a size ten. I had it tested to make sure it was sterling and marked. The other piece is also very old and the one I have kept him in. That is the necklace you are seeing. This came from Bordentown, NJ where he escaped to. He had family here which was Josephine’s daughter or son? I need to look that up. We have found many things in NJ from the Bonaparte family. One lady who I know personally bought a locket for 100.00 at Lambertville flea market. When she went to have it cleaned she was offered 200,000 for it by Bailey, Banks and Bittle and well known jewelry company. These things are not unusual. This piece is though because it holds Red Man. Red Man is not your normal Djinn. He is rare unlike others and my guess is that he has been around since the beginning of time. I think I have made a very good guess on that. This is going by things I have seen from him over the years and heard over the years.

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