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Naturally Born

Naturally Born

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These are about 200 years old. These are very tiny charms and I’m not sure if they’re gold or gold filled. 

These were owned by a witch named Alfonsine and she was from Germany as I understand it.  Her father was German and her mother was Celtic.  She had two children, one boy and one girl. Her lineage was birth by a witch.  Whatever the clan or coven was before you give birth you give one supernatural and super powerful gift to each child. The imbuing is done during the birth. For her son she gave wisdom and intelligence. For her daughter she gave luck and beauty.

You may wonder why she picked those with so much else to pick from? She knew they were going to be born with natural abilities like psychic ability and other things. 

After the baby is born the charm gets taped or tied to the belly button until it naturally falls off. At that time the power is inside the child. The charms can then be passed to someone else. 

These will give you exactly what she gave her children along with a wide open 3rd eye, Touch psychic ability and the communication with the dead if you want that.

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