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Never Really Lost

Never Really Lost

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Bon Secours was a home for unwed mothers in Ireland. A work house as well as septic tank sat on the property. At first when it was discovered that thousands of dead infants were buried illegally, it just seemed it was done improperly. That wasn’t the case when you find children were found buried under the work house and in the septic tank. Bon Secours is in Ireland. What you won’t find in the news is that whispers of Lucifer coming to control the nuns in a death, pre- planned murder of three children. These children were to be like the two witnesses in the Bible. They fight against evil and the one who will soon rule. The truth is God can play the game much better than any evil fallen angel can. These three children while martyred were given extreme powers by a mirror angel. This angel could mirror the power of Satan and bring light out of the most darkest places. In the video I play you see one of those children, a little girl even named after death, Lilly. Her blonde hair and white dress was all representative of what she would become. At five years of age she is a true powerhouse. More powerful than Satan and given the power of the mirror angel as was the other child. You see, Lilly was murdered. She was stabbed over and over again. Her body smeared with some nasty substance unknown to man but well known to Satan. In the video I try to tell the story and bring her along with the others to life. This life they missed out on. In reality they didn’t miss out. You see it was predestined and no pain was felt. While they didn’t rise again like Jesus they hold the power of this mirror angel. I created her image using AI to best show you what she looks like. The image of Lilly is Lilly and you will get not just her picture but the Rosary designed by God and empowered by both God and the mirror angel. When some have asked about the Crown of Thorns rosary it is sold. These going on are from my private collection. All of them. I’m not Catholic and you don’t have to be, the religion or lack there of doesn’t matter either. Real power doesn’t care what you do or don’t believe, it never has. You see, it doesn’t need to. That power is what it is. You must comprehend the power of this one special angel and the embodiment of power given to both the children and to the rosary. Can you truly comprehend the power of an angel that can mirror anything? God, Satan and all that power that comes with it? This is pure white light. It is just as powerful as the first one out on, the crown of thorns. There is no difference. The difference is in how it got here, who created it and what you can do with it. You get to mirror what the mirror angel has/ had. You see what you really need to understand is this is no ordinary angel. Michael pales in comparison. This is a special angel that can do exactly what she mirrors. Now of course those powers can only be given her by God. Those were then given to the piece you see here. You also get the image of Lilly. Think about it, not all supernatural white light power is mentioned in the Bible. Take for instance those witnesses soon to come. Think about how angels can walk among us in human body. Think about this piece, know what it is. The purest of power and white light.

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