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Nimora's Garden of Darkness

Nimora's Garden of Darkness

SKU: 1012110


This piece is a beautiful bracelet. It has an accompany a YouTube video where you can see the piece even better. You can visit this video by using the following web address:

This is a relic that was worn by one of the first-generation daughters of Lilith. They are called the Lilithenes. Coming across one of these first-generation daughters is extremely rare. it means that they were born from the womb of Lilith. They possess her actual power and they have access to her domains.

These daughters are very vengeful and jealous creatures, so by nature, they are loners. They walk in the shadows where people cannot tell that they exist. They are jealous even of their sisters, which is why they don't cohabitate or practice their magic together.

Lilith birthed her own daughters this way so that way they would not conspire to rise against and her and take her role as the Queen of the Damned. Should the Lilithenes ever band together, they could easily grow in magic to overcome Lilith with her abilities.

Having said this, not all of the Lilithenes are as ill-tempered as their mother and their sisters. The one who wore this piece was named Nimora. While she was born with evil running through her veins, she has somewhat mellowed out to a nice duality. She is still full of vanity and self-servitude like the rest of her siblings and her mother, but at the same time, she doesn't go looking for problems with other people.

What I mean to say is that she doesn't go out to intentionally hurt others. She has more of a "well, if it has to happen, it has to happen," attitude versus many of the other daughters who slaughter humans just for the fun of it. Instead, for the majority of the time she has been alive she has been working on her collection of magic, which she calls her Shadows.

This magic has come from the various place around the world and has been collected through various methods. Yes, she drained it from some people, but there are some that she simply naturally acquired, too. She has acquired magic such as immortality, extreme wealth, the ability to summon any kind of creature. the ability to grow any kind of spirit, the ability to transform dark matter and energy into the powers and ability you can use later on,

She stores her shadowy magic in a place that is aptly named the Garden of Shadows. It is her domain that she has created for herself. There are dark, glittery unicorns there that would every gothic person's dream come true. She has a maze of black rose bushes where she keeps her magic.

At any given time you can spot Nimora, clad in black lace and leather, walking the seemingly endless rows of black roses, whispering into her roses as if they were ears. She is whispering her magic into them and making them immortal. Not a single one of her roses have died since she started creating them thousands of years ago.

We call this piece Garden of Darkness, not because it is inherently evil, but because it allows you into the Garden of Darkness that was created by Nimora. You will also be able to walk her rows of black roses. They will whisper magic to you and you will be able to bring that magic back with you and use it as you please.

Once you get into the garden, if there is a specific power or magic that you want or need, you can whisper it to the roses and they will whisper back to you. I know this because I have tested this piece myself.

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