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North Star To the Secret Christ

North Star To the Secret Christ

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What we are about to share with you is something extremely powerful.  It was found during an investigation in Jerusalem that we participated in astrally some years ago.  we have held onto the piece because we wanted to test this piece ourselves many times before making the claims that we are about to make.  However, after many years of testing and many testers including our entire staff, plus others that we know of from the metaphysical community, we can confidently say that this piece is what we say it is.  

We call this piece the Northstar to the Secret Christ because the power in this piece will lead you to a part of the universe where there is an identical copy of the Christ Genome.  It was prepared by God in case the first one failed.  Alas, God is perfect and nothing that he does ever fails, so it didn't  The other "secret christ" is hidden in the constellations and goes unknown to the untrained human eye.  However, this piece will allow you to access this highly potent information.  To be honest, I can tell you that this is what the Priory of Sion was after all along.  This is their "holy grail" if you will.  They failed.  We have not.  

When using this piece, you il meditate and it will guide you astrally to the location of the Secret Christ, which is also known as the Cosmic Christ.  Once there you will receive the Christ Conscious in full.  You will know his life detail by detail.  You will know his power and his magic detail by detail and yes that means you will be able to practice this magic too.  This includes magic such as healing, granting miracles, stirring the weather, communication with the dead, driving out demons, calling upon the angels, creating your own white light magic when you need it, and many, many other forms of magic.  

This also comes with a host of forbidden knowledge including the ability to make sense of all the hidden messages in the Bible.  It will give you the secret o understanding the End Times as it is meant to be interpreted in the Bible.  It will give you the answers that you've always wanted like what the number 666 means and who the harlot is that rides the beast in the desert.  It will show you all.  It will also reveal to you the many powers and forms of the magic of the universe including the secret genomes and races that Go also created elsewhere in the universe.  

This piece is, simply put, an all-access, all-inclusive knowledge of Christ Consciousness and the universe.  
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