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This piece is a crown jewel. A lot of people who work in the field that we work in will search tirelessly day and night to come up with one of these pieces and they will not. I'm not saying that this to brag or to make anybody else feel inferior. I'm saying this because I want those of you who are reading this to understand exactly what it is you are getting here. The piece is not ancient, but it holds ancient magic that has existed since the beginning of time.

This piece is not one of holy, divine, or religious nature. However, it does have its roots in religion. I mean, it goes back to the beginning of time and anything that is that old is bound to have something to do with Adam and Eve. They are the parents of humanity. As most of you know, the story goes that Adam was created by God and then out of Adam's rib God created woman. She was actually the second woman, but that's for a different conversation. Therefore, as the bible states, it was man that was created to rule over all of creation, which is why it was also man that God chose to place this power into. Sorry, ladies. It's nothing personal. I'm just reiterating how things went.

It was into Adam that God placed a secret strand of DNA that would allow him to achieve awakening. This awakening was simple but very powerful. It was the ability to absorb the magic around him. This included all sorts of magic. It included the magic that came from the Earth from the stars. It included the magic that existed on the Earth in the streams and the rivers and the fields. It was a secret-- and I mean very secret-- agreement among God and Adam that he would have that ability. I mean, after all, God felt compelled to help Adam after he was tricked by his own wife, Eve, into eating the forbidden fruit.

So, what am I getting at? It wasn't that the magic that God bestowed upon Adam was a magic that was bestowed upon all men. Rather, this gift was only bestowed upon Adam. It was the greatest gift and it was Adam's responsibility to find a successor to carry the gift. Indeed the passing of the gift did carry pandemonium. It is recorded all throughout the Bible, but you wouldn't know it simply from reading its passages. It was the passing of the gift that caused Cain to slay Abel after Abel received it for his offering. It was the gift that caused Jacob to trick his father and receive Esau's blessing. It was the gift that caused Abraham and Sarah to long for a child. It was the gift that caused Joseph's brothers to be jealous of him. It was the gift that caused the Jewish people to become violently jealous of Jesus. You see, it went on like this. FULL DESCRIPTION ON THE BLOG UNDER, NOW FOR WOMEN TOO!

  • Material

    Heavy Sterling, very old unknown real stone.

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